Writing Your Wedding Vows the Way Poets Do

Written by Chris Simeral

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Theme, as discussed above, isrepparttar driving idea behind your poem. The topic, however, isrepparttar 122054 specific vehicle you use to expressrepparttar 122055 theme. While findingrepparttar 122056 theme should berepparttar 122057 easiest part of writing a poem for your wedding, finding a topic that isn’t hackneyed and trite can be a challenge. For instance, love is your theme, butrepparttar 122058 beauty of your betrothed’s eyes may berepparttar 122059 topic. You are usingrepparttar 122060 example of her eyes asrepparttar 122061 symbol for your love. The key is to find something new. There’s something that makes your chosen one special, be it appearance, wit, or style. That’srepparttar 122062 topic you want to choose. Poets use tools like automatic writing, journals, or “dream work” to come up with topics for their prose. (These tools are all discussed in detail inrepparttar 122063 home-study course I put together for couples personalizing their wedding vows – visit http://www.WeddingVowToolkit.com for more info.) But anything that allows you to spark your creativity can suffice if you’re short on time.

Step 4: Pick Your Style

As many different poems as there are, there are almost an equal number of styles in which they are written. There are traditional forms, modern, post modern, and many more. You can work on fitting your rough draft poem into one of these many forms, or you can go with no form at all. The benefit of working on an art form is that there are no hard and fast rules on whatrepparttar 122064 end product must look like. Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at penning your vows inrepparttar 122065 form of a Shakespearean sonnet. Or, to go a completely different route, maybe “experimental” is right up your alley. No matter what you choose, just make sure it fits your style. After all, personalizing your wedding vows means just that – they should be personal, not forced to fit into a style that just isn’t “you.”

Chris Simeral is the creator of The Ultimate Wedding Vow Toolkit, the wedding-coordinator-approved home-study course for couples personalizing or renewing their wedding vows. Learn more at http://www.weddingvowtoolkit.com.

Wedding Entertainment - selecting a quality DJ

Written by Todd Mumford staff writer

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4. References

This has already been mentioned, but it is most important so I’ll touch on it again. Find out what other married couples experiences were. If your choice of entertainment cannot provide a number of verifiable references, you may be well served to look elsewhere.

5. Make sure you have a backup plan

Having some type of backup entertainment plan is not always possible, but it is worth considering. This again is a “what if” scenario that could mean disaster on your wedding day. “What if,” even after all your preparation,repparttar entertainment did not show up? Atrepparttar 122053 very minimum, it would be prudent to have some form of music available at your request to fillrepparttar 122054 void inrepparttar 122055 worst case scenario. Alternately, there are those couples that feel that they should ‘letrepparttar 122056 chips fall where they may’ and leave things at that.

6. Most of all, be prepared, but have fun

Plan allrepparttar 122057 details well in advance and ensure that you confirm everything a few days beforerepparttar 122058 actual event. Good planning will ensure your special day will be one ofrepparttar 122059 most memorable of your life for you and your partner.

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