Writing Your Body Content

Written by Rob Wiley

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note: Just becauserepparttar store might berepparttar 119376 most important section ofrepparttar 119377 site does not mean that other parts of your site are less important.

Currently when you go torepparttar 119378 store you see: a picture of a flower onrepparttar 119379 left andrepparttar 119380 name ofrepparttar 119381 flower and price onrepparttar 119382 right side ofrepparttar 119383 picture. This is repeated for each flower as you scroll downrepparttar 119384 page. As I look at this page I realize that a lot more can be down by means of content. We will moverepparttar 119385 name ofrepparttar 119386 flower and price torepparttar 119387 bottom ofrepparttar 119388 picture, onrepparttar 119389 right side we will have a two to three sentence paragraph that will describerepparttar 119390 flower in a manner that is enticing, promptingrepparttar 119391 reader to look back atrepparttar 119392 picture to makerepparttar 119393 purchase.

Having a short description for each item will build body content in a short time period. Using this method which I call "Item Identification" will also allow you to create more pages. Indexing three pages compared to one is better when you submit to search engines and just by adding a short description for each item will increase your traffic after you submit your revised pages.

Rob Wiley has spent the last 13 years serving the media industry in fields involving graphic design, marketing, website design and development. His experience has been shared with numerous businesses that have profited from his advice and skills.

website: www.NADmedia.net

The Testimonial Trick

Written by Terence Tan

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Many webmasters will feel so flattered and want to publish these "unsolicited" compliments to reinforcerepparttar credibility of their web site and products. To makerepparttar 119375 testimonial credible, they must naturally mention who it came from.

This would be your opportunity to request a link to your web site. At a minimum, you should be able to get a link inrepparttar 119376 form of "yourname, webmaster, yoursite.com ". This is really a beautifully simple, no cost way of getting links in many high quality web sites.

Terence Tan is the founder of HugeAffiliates.com, a website dedicated towards the development of Multi Level Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business. Visit http://mlap.net to learn how MLAPs can multiply your affiliate referral commissions.

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