Writing SEO Copy – 8 Steps to Success

Written by Glenn Murray

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4) Pickrepparttar important keyword phrases Don’t include every keyword phrase on every page. Focus on one or two keyword phrases on each page. For your Macs page, focus on “cheap second hand macs”. Forrepparttar 127943 PCs page, focus on “cheap second hand pcs”, etc.

5) Be specific Don’t just say “our computers”. Wherever you would normally say “our computers”, ask yourself if you can get away with saying “our cheap second hand Macs” or “our cheap second hand PCs”. If this doesn’t affect your readability too badly, it’s worth doing. It’s a fine balance though. Remember, your site reflectsrepparttar 127944 quality of your service. If your site is hard to read, people will infer a lot about your service…

6) Use keyword phrases in links Although you shouldn’t focus on every keyword phrase on every page, it’s a good idea to link your pages together with text links. This way, whenrepparttar 127945 search engines look at your site, they’ll see thatrepparttar 127946 pages are related. Once again,repparttar 127947 more text linksrepparttar 127948 better, especially ifrepparttar 127949 link text is a keyword phrase. So on your “Cheap Second Hand Macs” page, include a text link atrepparttar 127950 bottom to “Cheap Second Hand PCs”. If you can manage it without affecting readability, also include one withinrepparttar 127951 copy ofrepparttar 127952 page. For example, “As well as providing cheap second hand Macs, we sell high quality cheap second hand PCs”. TIP: If you don’t want your links to be underlined and blue, includerepparttar 127953 following in your CSS file:

Then formatrepparttar 127954 HTML of each link as follows:

As well as providing cheap second hand Macs, we sell high quality cheap second hand pcs.

7) Use keyword phrases in headings Just as customers rely on headings to scan your site, so to do search engines. This means headings play a big part in howrepparttar 127955 search engines will categorise your site. Try to include your primary keyword phrases in your headings. In fact, think about inserting extra headings just for this purpose. Generally this will also helprepparttar 127956 readability ofrepparttar 127957 site because it will help customers scan read.

8) Test keyword phrase density Once you’ve made a first pass atrepparttar 127958 copy, run it through a density checker to get some metrics. Visit GoRank's Keyword Density Analyzer and type inrepparttar 127959 domain and keyword phrase you want to analyse. It’ll give you a percentage for allrepparttar 127960 important parts of your page, including copy, title, meta keywords, meta description, etc. The higherrepparttar 127961 densityrepparttar 127962 better. Generally speaking, a density measurement of at least 3-5% is what you’re looking for. Any less, and you’ll probably need to take another pass.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to effective SEO copy.

Just remember, don’t overdo it. It’s not easy to findrepparttar 127963 balance between copy written for search engines and copy written for customers. In many cases, this balance will be too difficult to achieve without professional help. Don’t worry, though. If you’ve already performed your keyword analysis, a professional website copywriter should be able to work your primary keyword phrases into your copy at no extra charge.

* Glenn Murray is an advertising copywriter and heads copywriting studio Divine Write. He can be contacted on Sydney +612 4334 6222 or at glenn@divinewrite.com. Visit http://www.divinewrite.com for further details or more FREE articles.

General SEO guide

Written by Neo

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This part will take up your most creative time thinking of an appropriate one. It's just like a one-time limited opportunity.

Choosing a title is like choosing an attractive caption for something only that your Title should haverepparttar keyword you want to rank HIGHEST for.

I prefer to limit my index-page title to a maximum of 5 words any more than this makesrepparttar 127942 Browser title of a user pretty cluttered.

Remember while designing a site always put yourself in your members place and think how they would feel. Ask others around if they would consider a re-visit to your site or not?

Use of header tags

Although they don't look that neat it helpsrepparttar 127943 ‘spider' to get a description ofrepparttar 127944 content ofrepparttar 127945 page. It's a win-win situation in this case. You can write a CSS code and reducerepparttar 127946 size ofrepparttar 127947 h1 size if you want.

Link Exchange

I'm sure you've read scores of articles stressing about swapping links with other sites as that is a key factor in SEO.

This is quite true but it is becoming quite importing to exchange links with sites having content related to yours and which is not in direct competition of your site.

Don't just approachrepparttar 127948 webmaster ofrepparttar 127949 site you want to exchange links with byrepparttar 127950 aid of an automated message you ask everyone. Make it look a bit ‘personalized' and include a few details ofrepparttar 127951 site you may have noticed to makerepparttar 127952 webmaster feel that you have actually gone throughrepparttar 127953 site. ___

Although I'm new SEO specialistrepparttar 127954 above arerepparttar 127955 few hints I have experienced while my experience onrepparttar 127956 web.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to se results as of now that I had expected my site would show.


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