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Written by Andy Walsh

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You have a great story but no one seems to want to get involved.


There is an alternative to traditional publishing and it uses a resource that is becoming increasingly popular -repparttar internet.

You see, traditional publishers, bless them, are in a highly competitive market. They cannot afford to take some ofrepparttar 129938 gambles that they might have done a few years back. They have to make sure thatrepparttar 129939 books that they publish make money. Now they all make mistakes (anyone remember Anthea Turner's Biography?) but inrepparttar 129940 main you can't blame them for being cautious.

Consider two circumstances:-

One If I was a soap star, then I'd have more chance of being published. I'd have celebrity, for a start, my name would be known. Not that I'm suggesting that celebrities produce rubbish. It's just that if a publisher had two books of equal literary value (in their opinion), one by a major soap star and one by a complete unknown, I know which one they'll pick to publish.

Two Suppose I have written a superb biography of, for example, Prince Rupert of Liechtenstein. It may be a truly well researched and well written volume. It may allowrepparttar 129941 reader deep insights intorepparttar 129942 subject matter. It may be one ofrepparttar 129943 best biographies ever written. However, it has no real market. Maybe only a handful of people inrepparttar 129944 world are interested in Prince Rupert. Now, supposing that onrepparttar 129945 same day a moderately well written biography arrives of a famous Premiership footballer. Which one willrepparttar 129946 publisher pick?

You see,repparttar 129947 above two examples show two things inrepparttar 129948 modern world of publishing. You need to have an assured MARKET and you need to have a PROFILE.

Granted, new authors are published every week. But it is getting increasingly difficult to be published byrepparttar 129949 traditional route.

The internet isrepparttar 129950 great leveller. You can publish, within reason, what you like. Someone in Brisbane who shares your passion about Prince Rupert can type his name into a search engine and find your glorious book.

You are no longer dependent on someone else to become published.

You are free...

Andy Walsh is a househusband and writer living in Cumbria in the UK. He writes novels, short stories and poems some of which you can read at www.stbrodag.com. Buy 'Writing Fiction For the Internet' at www.stbrodag.com/buy.html Contact him at andwalsh@lineone.net


Written by Andy Walsh

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I want to help you to think creatively. I want you to push yourselves to think of new and exciting ways of promoting and displaying your work.

I'll show you how to use colour, sound and images to enhance your book.

I'll help you to findrepparttar sites you need and pass on tips that I've learned alongrepparttar 129936 way.

Atrepparttar 129937 end of it all, I hope that you will have a book that will grab people's attention.

As an example, I'd like you to look at my own website.


This isrepparttar 129938 part of a collection of pages that I set up to promote my own novel, 'St Brodag's Isle'. Letrepparttar 129939 page load and see what happens.

I've included music to giverepparttar 129940 page a Celtic feel. I actually wrote repparttar 129941 music myself and I'll tell you later how to downloadrepparttar 129942 programme to achieve this. I tried to write a piece that would evoke inrepparttar 129943 mind ofrepparttar 129944 listenerrepparttar 129945 'Riverdance' music. I'll leave it up to you to decide if I achieved that or failed!

I've also picked on a recurring motif within my novel,repparttar 129946 kittiwake, and highlighted it here. A kittiwake is a small gull-like bird that nests on steep sea cliffs. I found this little animation onrepparttar 129947 internet. I'll give yourepparttar 129948 links to such sites later.

I'm combining words, pictures and sounds on this web page.

Words Pictures Sounds

That'srepparttar 129949 sort of combination I'd like you to try soon. As writers, we're adept at handling words. It's time for us to broaden our horizons.

The full transcript of 'More than an E-Book' is available at http://www.stbrodag.co/buy.html

Andy Walsh is a househusband and writer living in Cumbria in the UK. He writes novels, short stories, articles and poems some of which you can read at http://www.stbrodag.com

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