Writing Fiction, literature and Large blocks of text for the Internet

Written by John Stevenson

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New eyes to your page will be extremely sensitive torepparttar way you display your words. Inappropriate, conflicting, font type, colour, and size will immediately give an impression of a less than professional page.

Unless it's relevant or to emphasise something, don't use 'fancy scripts', remember that different browsers support different fonts and less thanrepparttar 129821 desired effect could be shown to your reader if their machine doesn't haverepparttar 129822 same text format as yours.

The same goes for colours of font. Be sparing onrepparttar 129823 use of coloured text and never use contrasts such as yellow on white, as most eyes can barely read several sentences trying to differentiaterepparttar 129824 letters. A good contrast should always exist betweenrepparttar 129825 letters andrepparttar 129826 background.

I believe prose text looks better when left biased, and

centred text kept for works inrepparttar 129827 poem form, or when needed for effect.

Neither shouldrepparttar 129828 sentences be justified, as s t r e t c h i n g o u t is at odds with our mental concept ofrepparttar 129829 written word.

Great wads of text can look daunting and much use should be made of 'white space', so unless two paragraphs need to be closed together leave a single line between them. Two or three if changing scene, or pace, though avoid using 'double spaced' text as this will require constant scrolling.

Most fiction relies heavily onrepparttar 129830 spoken interaction between characters, but never let two different 'voices' occupyrepparttar 129831 same line.

Ifrepparttar 129832 viewer is browsing with an older, smaller pixel size screen, they may find it necessary to scroll sideways. To avoid sentences running on pastrepparttar 129833 right side ofrepparttar 129834 scree I find it preferable to placerepparttar 129835 text within a 'table'. This will limitrepparttar 129836 width, and it also allows 'white space' torepparttar 129837 left margin, which looks far more balanced.

Something that should always be remembered is that that HTML is a "dynamic language" consequentlyrepparttar 129838 scripts and colours that look terrific on your own computer, in your particular type of browser, set with your preferences may look like a surrealist dream on someone else's monitor. If you can, download other browsers to your desktop and view older versions of each, since some people are still using these.

John Stevenson is administrator of the www.calein-day.com and www.fictionsearch.com literary websites click here http://www.caelin-day.com/author/directory.html to read the full ebook. john@mail.caelin-day.com

Show, Don't Tell

Written by Martin Avis

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People remember colorful facts long after allrepparttar rest of your words have been forgotten.

I will always remember a presentation fromrepparttar 129819 London society magazine 'Harper's and Queen.' The presenter (who I have completely forgotten) said thatrepparttar 129820 magazine counted more heads of state and members of royal families amongst its subscribers than any other magazine inrepparttar 129821 world. That statement may have been a complete fabrication, but it painted a clear picture ofrepparttar 129822 magazine that I have never forgotten.

Paint pictures in your writing - web sites, sales letters, presentations, sales stories - and your message will be equally unforgettable.

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