Writing EFFECTIVE Ad Copy For YOUR Ezine

Written by Laurie Rogers

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The next point I really want to stress is that you have got to talk directly to YOUR reader and talk like you normally would - just like I am right now ;o) There's no need to talk you're a scientist for nasa and you are selling spaceships. It will just either come across like you are feeding them a line or they'll be intimidated. And that isrepparttar last thing you want to do.

My last point - regardless of whether you're writing a six line ad or a 60 line ad you still have to closerepparttar 100971 deal with a "Call To Action"! And when I first started writing my ads by myself using Yanik's techniques, that was my BIGGEST problem - I had BAD sales, because I wasn't *sealing*repparttar 100972 deal. So I asked Yanik about it and that's what he told me, 9 out of 10 ads fail because people don't sealrepparttar 100973 deal.

Another point I want to make, because we're all publishers don't use subscribe today or subscribe now those 2 words are highly over used. Do something a little more creative, like this:

"And don't forget to stop by our software center when YOU subscribe to receive YOUR free gift valued at $X.00"!

or we could have done this:

Don't forget to claim YOUR free gift valued at $X.00 from our software center when YOU subscribe to "Ezine Name".

Either sentence has a definitive call to action, so either would work fine. So, don't forget to sealrepparttar 100974 deal with a call to action.

Article by Laurie Rogers Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

Laurie Rogers is co-author of the Ezine Resource Guide, http://www.zineadz.com/erg.html She is the owner of Optin Frenzy - a paid list building program for ezine publishers http://www.optinfrenzy.com You can obtain more of Laurie's articles at: mailto:ezinearticles@optinfrenzy.com

Most Effective And Most Inexpensive Ad

Written by Bilal Babic

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Literally millions of people are onrepparttar Web every day and not having your own site is immature if you are in business.

It's not just for sellers necessary to have a Web page. For all of you just seeking to build your MLM downlines, or recruiting referrals in your programs, a Web page is heaven sent.

Your own Web page is a best place to convince people why they need to join your MLM or affiliate program. Use your imagination, tell them about great advantages your program have, offer them something for free if they join under you. Entice, excite, energize your prospect into signing up with you. Anything you can imagine that could help building your downline can be successfuly presented on your Web page.

Possibilities of your own Web page are endless and space doesn't allow me to go further in describing it. My intention was just to underline importance of having your own Web page.

So, if you are in business, give yourself a favor by building your own Web page.

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