Writing Business Letters That Get The Job Done

Written by Shaun Fawcett

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1. Limit Them To One Page

By definition, business letters should be short and torepparttar point, preferably one page in length. Studies have found that busy business people do not like to read beyondrepparttar 129632 first page, and will actually delay reading longer letters.

2. Relegate Technical Details To Attachments

Often, it is necessary to include detailed technical information as part of a business letter package. In such cases, userepparttar 129633 main letter as a cover letter that lists and briefly explainsrepparttar 129634 attached (or enclosed) documents.

3. Keep Them Formal and Factual

Generally speaking,repparttar 129635 tone and content of business letters should be formal and factual. Feelings and emotions do not have a place in business letters.

4. Carefully Plan Your Letter

Before writingrepparttar 129636 letter, take a few minutes to list all ofrepparttar 129637 specific points you need to cover. Sometimes it may even mean a call torepparttar 129638 recipient or his/her company to confirm a specific point. Remember,repparttar 129639 purpose ofrepparttar 129640 letter is to tie up all ofrepparttar 129641 details onrepparttar 129642 subject at hand, so that more letters won't have to be written back and forth.

5. Be Customer Friendly

When writing directly to customers, always focus on their needs and their perspective. Put yourself in their position and imagine what it would be like receiving your letter. Everyone can do this, since we are all customers of some other business in some part of our lives.

6. Use Non-Discriminatory Language

Make sure that you avoid language that is specific to gender, race, or religion in all business letters, either to other businesses, or to customers. For example, use "workforce" instead of "manpower", or "chairperson" rather than "chairman". Most style guides contain detailed lists ofrepparttar 129643 offensive terms and some suggested substitutes.

To see a fully-formatted "real-life template" of a business letter, click onrepparttar 129644 following link:


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Written by Peter Sinclair

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ofrepparttar publisher. The one below would accept 300 to 500 words.....I choose to stick torepparttar 129630 lower denominator, making it easy for them to cut and paste. If your article is a long piece then edit it down to a size between 300 and 500 words. By doing this you will give yourselfrepparttar 129631 greatest chance of being published and what is more important... being read. TIP #4 Keep your work to 60-65 characters wide and use subheadings to capture people's attention. TIP #5 Make sure you spellcheck your work before you send it out. TIP #6 Include your website address or at least providerepparttar 129632 opportunity for people to subscribe to your ezine.

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