Writing Articles for Ranking

Written by Jason Rickard

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On their own each of these sites offers multiple SEO benefits. Each allows links to your site with Article Depot and GoArticles allowing Anchor Text in repparttar body of your article.

The next way that these article submission sites offer a way to gain links and therefore better search engine results, is that due to their sheer size, your article tends to get picked up by website owners looking to beef up their sites. At times a single submission can generate more than 100 links! If you chose to submit to hundreds ofrepparttar 146741 smaller submission sites, you may getrepparttar 146742 same amount of links but it would have taken a great deal more work.

If I could impart anything aboutrepparttar 146743 technique you should use when getting repparttar 146744 most out of your articles, it would be to userepparttar 146745 major submission sites to your advantage. Userepparttar 146746 time saved by not chasing allrepparttar 146747 smaller sites to write more articles and letrepparttar 146748 likes of Article Depot, GoArticles, and Ezine Articles dorepparttar 146749 work for you.

Jason Rickard is the owner of www.yourfavouriteshop.com - Europes largest reseller of White Noise CDs

Free Traffic Course - Day 3

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

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Link exchange is not hard: you email torepparttar web site owner in your niche, offer to exchange links - your link is pasted onrepparttar 146740 web site of directory partner,repparttar 146741 link from your partner's web site to your web site. The links are placed into special directories that are usually named "Links", "Exchange Links", "Link Directory" or something similar to it.

But when you do it manually, it takes much time. You need to find a proper web site for link exchange, email its owner, put your link and placerepparttar 146742 partner's link, buildrepparttar 146743 category of links, name them, provide description to all links for better optimization to search engines - you see how much work should be done?

Well, you can pay others for this job. Butrepparttar 146744 cheapest price for link exchange would be $200 for 50 links! Come on, why should you pay for it...


Free Traffic System has a module that is called "Directory": this module manages allrepparttar 146745 work for you.

The stages of work with directory in Free Traffic System are simple:

1. Spider (look day 2 of "Free Traffic Course") automatically finds niche targeted web sites for your link exchange and emails your offer for link exchange to their owners.

2. Directory module fully automatesrepparttar 146746 creation, naming, submitting of description and all other aspects of running a link exchange directory on your web site.

Actually everything is over, now you haverepparttar 146747 directory. But just have a look at additional benefits that Free Traffic System Directory module gives its users:

- directory can be multilevel with as many categories inside as you wish; - you can build your directory treerepparttar 146748 way you wish (the deeper isrepparttar 146749 directory system,repparttar 146750 better for search engines); - you can choose an option to name all categories ofrepparttar 146751 directory, usingrepparttar 146752 keywords found by your spider (this is highly appreciated by search engines); - you can search, edit and add new web sites and categories to your directory; - you can automatically check if your link exchange partner still has your link onrepparttar 146753 web site; if not, you partner will get automatic message saying to putrepparttar 146754 link back; - you can see detailed statistics about new users, web site, easy selection of statistic display periods; - you can add AdSense and AdWords; - edit top, bottom and side columns forrepparttar 146755 directory; -repparttar 146756 users of your directory can login to their personal directory area and get directory news, use forum and chat (just imagine what a powerful advertising tool you give them, and this will bring you more traffic).

And now breathe for a while and keep it in mind - this is only one module of Free Traffic System. Do you see how much time and money it saves you? Do you see now what isrepparttar 146757 unlimited power of free targeted web site traffic? And you can see more aboutrepparttar 146758 potential of Free Traffic System modules, features and option onrepparttar 146759 web site: http://www.FreeTrafficSystem.com

Or you can wait a little and readrepparttar 146760 4th day of "Free Traffic Course". And userepparttar 146761 opportunity to get wiser with professional info and tools for attracting and increasing free targeted web site traffic automatically.

Nickolay Bokhonok - CEO And Owner Of DesktopMoney LTD. Internet Marketing Software And Scripts Inventor. Successful Internet Enterpreneur. Owner Of The Network Of Various Money-Making Internet Projects.

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