Writing Articles To Build Your Online Presence - A Beginner's Guide

Written by Jeremy Hershberger

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When you feel comfortable with your article and ready to publish, you can choose from several different options available to you. You can use all if you so choose:

* Article Directories * Ezines * Article Announcement Lists

Article directories are websites that you can submit your article to. They will review it then publish it on their site, making your name and links in your resource box available to all who are interested inrepparttar information you provide.

You get an added benefit of having your website’s search engine ranking increase as your link is placed in more and more article directories! It all depends on how much time you want to spend submitting torepparttar 144662 hundreds of available directories onrepparttar 144663 web.

You can also browse ezine directories, searching for ezines relating to your article’s subject. Look for those which indicate they accept article submissions.

Send a polite email torepparttar 144664 publisher asking to submit your article, and includerepparttar 144665 article. If you prefer, send it as an attachment.

There are also article announcement lists which you can submit your article to. These can be found by doing a web search for ‘article announcement lists’. You have to subscribe torepparttar 144666 list before you can post to it.

When posting to an announcement list, include in your email your rules for reprinting your article, such as allowing it to only be reprinted if no changes are made and only as long as your resource box is included. These rules are up to you, ultimately.

You can also use submission websites or software such as EzineAnnouncer which are designed to submit your article to a large number of places, cutting down on time you have to spend doing it manually. These programs come with a price, so look them up and decide for yourself if they are worth it to you.

Read this article again, and formulate a plan based onrepparttar 144667 advice given. The methods outlined above will get you well on your way to boosting your online presence, and you will be surprised by how effective they are.

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Written by jinsong

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