Writing Articles, But Still Not Getting Traffic? That’s Because Your Articles Suck – But I Can Help! (Part 2)

Written by Jason DeVelvis

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Resource Box/Aboutrepparttar Author (Last but DEFINITELY not least)

The resource box is possiblyrepparttar 150163 second most important part ofrepparttar 150164 article, aside fromrepparttar 150165 content. This is where you establish your credibility as an author, and promptrepparttar 150166 reader to go to your website. Start off by explaining, briefly, how you are an authority onrepparttar 150167 subject you’re talking about in your article. Then, informrepparttar 150168 reader where they can go to get more information.

This area is not a free-for-all link directory; it’s highly targeted advertising. You wouldn’t put up a banner ad for boats on a site for mountain vacations, would you? No, you’d put up a banner for ski equipment or hiking equipment. Byrepparttar 150169 same token, link to one site, and ONLY one site, as closely related torepparttar 150170 article topic as possible. If you getrepparttar 150171 urge to add a second link, write a second article - more than one link changesrepparttar 150172 resource box from a great resource into a text ad. If you can, use anchored text with your keywords in your link - this helps with backlinking and also with increasing your SEO ranking.

Backlinking is discussed in another of my articles – You can find it at http://www.Content-Articles.com/Article.aspx?i=24

To get more clicks on that SINGLE link in your resource box, use phrases like "To learn more, click here..." and "For more information about [enter something about your article topic here], visit..." If a reader is reading your resource box, they’re obviously interested inrepparttar 150173 topic. Now isrepparttar 150174 time to catch them and direct them toward your site to keep learning more.

The End! (Yep, that’s it)

Now that you’ve gotrepparttar 150175 techniques you need to start writing effective articles, go do it! I won’t keep you here any longer with my bad jokes and simple questions… Or will I?

Jason is a long time web developer, and the owner of Premier MicroSolutions, LLC, an Internet marketing company based in Ohio. When you want to submit all of your (now awesome) articles, visit http://www.Content-Articles.com - The Premier Web Site Content Article Directory

A Tip to the Beginning Internet Entrepreneur: Know What Marketing Means

Written by Rick Tanzo

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With marketing as defined above, you now understand why almost allrepparttar successful Internet marketers today flood your server with opt-in emails. Or fire you up with their newsletters' latest edition. Because they consider you as within their loop of customer base (even if you have not bought from them before; your only participation to their business is to sign up for their newsletters' subscription forms).

Be that as it may, we now go back torepparttar 150162 definition of marketing given above and list downrepparttar 150163 important keywords. Internet marketers tweakrepparttar 150164 keywords inside and out. Million of pages have been launched onrepparttar 150165 Internet out these keywords.

The shady marketers target all and sundry potential customers, prying onrepparttar 150166 innocents specifically. They offer all kinds of products and programs, rather than educatingrepparttar 150167 unsuspecting readers. If you were one of those who is a beginning Internet surfer to scout for an online business, in all probability you have been victimized by these shady characters. Beware therefore.

Rick Tanzo is the web designer and owner of http://www.internetmarketinglearningcenter.com. The site offers simple, fast and easy way to learn Internet marketing, free downloads, best afiliate programs, home based business opportunities, and best deals online.

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