"Writers: Send us Your Novels". Finally, A Chance To Make It Big In The Publishing World!

Written by Andy Ballentine and Merlin-Publishing.com

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"There are literally tens of thousands of writers out there - and we have a responsibility to help them. We can't do that by paying a half million advance to every author."†

According to Barnard,repparttar books will appear inrepparttar 143781 main Pan Macmillan catalogue and would be "very posh books" with ribbon markers, sold at £15. He expected them to become "collectors' items".†

Scott Pack, of Waterstones, welcomesrepparttar 143782 initiative. "I think it's a fantastic idea," he said. "When books are presented to me by publishers they prioritiserepparttar 143783 ones to which they have given large advances. Butrepparttar 143784 bestsellers are not†necessarilyrepparttar 143785 ones that have had big advances. This creates a level playing field."†

Pack believesrepparttar 143786 scheme could be great for spotting new talent, and points to examples of self-published books that found success not goingrepparttar 143787 route of conventional publishing.

We think if you've spent years working on your novel with no success in finding an agent, then Macmillan's New Writing Scheme may well bring yourepparttar 143788 success you've been waiting for.

Pros: Once in a lifetime opportunity 20% of Royalties from Sales Creates level playing field for new talent

Cons: MacMillan will acquire all rights to new manuscripts No Advance Paid Possibility sharing of editing costs Less control

More detail about MacMillan New Writing can be found here.

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Content Syndication Through RSS Feeds

Written by John Doetsch

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One ofrepparttar most popular software programs is FeedForAll, which is an inexpensive yet effective tool for developing and maintaining an RSS feed. This program, and others like it, allows users to utilize their own syndicated content, or to download existing feeds fromrepparttar 143780 internet. It also provides users withrepparttar 143781 ability to manually edit their site to include pictures and colors which may create a more exciting online experience for customers.

Asrepparttar 143782 need forrepparttar 143783 internet to provide instantaneous access to a wide variety of information continues to grow, RSS feeds have become a critical component of information distribution. It is likely that RSS feeds will serve as an important tool for sharing information onrepparttar 143784 web for years to come and could, inrepparttar 143785 not too distant future, even begin to rival e-mails asrepparttar 143786 preferred method of knowledge sharing. Therefore, understanding how best to utilize RSS feeds into your website may have lasting, positive effects on your business' growth.

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