Write your eBook Fast--First Steps to Finishing Line

Written by Judy Cullins

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-If you are willing to move much faster than traditional publishing to sell faster, more, and create more cash flow for marketing.

What do I Need to Know Before I write this eBook?

1. To help make your eBook successful applyrepparttar essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points." These include title, table of contents, thesis, "60 second tell and sell," one preferred audience, introduction andrepparttar 108413 back cover.

Why? Every part of your book can be a sales tool. When you includerepparttar 108414 above "hot-selling points" you will have a roadmap to guide you to writing a focused, organized, compelling book that you will only have to edit a few times.

2. You also need to know how to write a focused, organized, chapter each time. Think format. Each chapter should have approximatelyrepparttar 108415 same number of pages if it is a self-help book. Each book chapter may need an introduction, an opening few questions or shocking facts to hookrepparttar 108416 reader to keep reading, a few stories or analogies to illustrate your how-to's, and an ending that may be a summary, questions to ponder, or action steps to take.

Designing every chapter and knowing your essential "hot-selling points" are your eBook's 24/7 sales team and a beacon that brings out your best: writing a compelling, easy to read, inspiring and informational eBook that hundreds of thousands of buyers will want.

Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach Helps entrepreneurs manifest their book and web dreams eBk: "Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Online" http://www.bookcoaching.com/teleclasses.shtml To receive FREE "The Book Coach Says..." go to http://www.bookcoaching.com/opt-in.shtml Judy@bookcoaching.com Ph:619/466/0622

Free Rebrandable ebooks Tools to Grow your Online Success

Written by Theo Olifiers

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