Write from Home: lessons from the editors

Written by Stephanie Olsen

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3. Regurgitating

There may be nothing new underrepparttar sun, but at least try to give your article a unique twist or perspective. To my knowledge, I've never been rejected onrepparttar 136496 grounds of simply rehashing; however, as an editor myself, I've turned down many submissions due to repetitive themes and outlooks.

It's shocking how far some writers go to avoid writing: I obtained permission from a recent journalism grad to reprint a wonderful article of hers that I'd stumbled across. While doing research intorepparttar 136497 topic (for purposes of artwork), I foundrepparttar 136498 exact same article. Verbatim. Written by someone else.

Use those No/Low-Pay Markets

I'm still using those free articles to get paying jobs: clips from a couple of humor parenting stories written nearly five years ago pulled in two assignments from national US print publications. Similarly, I base everything I write on rejection lessons learned overrepparttar 136499 years: studyrepparttar 136500 publication (not justrepparttar 136501 guidelines); put yourself as a reader of that magazine; flip your angle, dig deep and work hard for originality.

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Hiring Home Based Clerical Typists

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