Write a single article and get loads of free traffic to your blog or web site

Written by Christopher Kyalo

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As a matter of interest, this article you are reading started out as an idea and my first headline was;

“How to use articles to get loads of free traffic”

How boring. There are so many similar headlines available already onrepparttar net. Very few people would be interested and it would not matter how good my content was, it would just not get read by enough people.

Look atrepparttar 135627 final headline I arrived at (above) and learn what I am trying to say here.

One word of caution; do not trick readers with a catchy headline and then fail to deliver. Make sure you can fully justify what you promise in your headline.

2) What do you want your readers to feel?

The next step is to write your article and before you do so, you will need to decide what it is you want your readers to feel after reading your article. Excitement is good objective to have although it is difficult to achieve. Still if you can manage it, it will show in your traffic byrepparttar 135628 hundreds.

Curiosity is another strong human emotion to aim for with your article, and much easier to achieve most ofrepparttar 135629 time. If you can make you readers curious and hungry for more information, they will have no problem doing what you ask them to do in your resource box.

When writing most of my articles, I start out with all these objectives in mind as I focus onrepparttar 135630 particular subject at hand. When I finish my first draft I usually know which emotion I will go for or emphasize on as an objective forrepparttar 135631 article.

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Ways to Promote your Website

Written by A. Ferraris

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5. Pay for one way links to your website. One way is better than exchange link. Search engine recognizerepparttar one way link as special.

6. Creating Articles and submit it to other website. It would also work as a one way Link.

7. Post your website to Classified Ads. Some are still free.

Don't also forget offline advertising cause it is still very important.

This are ways i used to increase my traffic. If you follow my steps then it would greatly help you and increaserepparttar 135614 traffic in your webiste.

Anton is a successful Network Marketer on the Internet as Group Leader of SFI Marketing Group. And webmaster of http://www.therichandhappy.com Your free to post my article for free as long as you don't change the content, keeping the links, and also include the info about the Author as it is.

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