Write a Song on the Guitar

Written by Steve Bishop

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Generally,repparttar process of writing a song is much different nowadays because usually songs will be created from a guitar, bass or keyboard riff, or a groove. This is built upon, along withrepparttar 138384 writing of a chorus is written andrepparttar 138385 adding of bass lines so thatrepparttar 138386 entire instrumental part ofrepparttar 138387 song has been assembled even beforerepparttar 138388 melody has been taken into consideration.

Most people will focus most of their effort of writing lyrics. While lyrical content is obviously of great importance, a strong melody is absolutely necessary, for without this component;repparttar 138389 vast majority of people won't listen torepparttar 138390 song long enough to even bother listening torepparttar 138391 lyrics.

The vocal melody ofrepparttar 138392 song is what is remembered most people; and in many cases is what makes them like or dislike a song. If melodies are well-written and catchy, people will remember and enjoyrepparttar 138393 music but ifrepparttar 138394 melodies are carelessly or poorly written and bland, people won't it really is that simple.

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Mykill, drummer of SLAYER TRIBUTE Dead Skin Mask, talks about his set-up, past projects, and their cd release.

Written by Javier Escandoza

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Mykill: Yeah.

Javier: Is Dead Skin Mask your first and only project?

Mykill: Yes and no. We (Dead Skin Mask) are about to start on our own songs. DSM is, at least for now,repparttar only one. I have another one Im currently assembling called Self Bias Resistor. Obviously, it is a FEAR FACTORY tribute. Vocals are what Ill do in that one. As for my first, no. I wasted allot of time in another useless endeavor. But something good came out of that last nightmare, I found Romeo (DSM vocals) towardsrepparttar 138309 latter part of it. With out him, this (DSM) would probably not have done one show, yet. Funny how sometimes good can come from a very bad situation.

Javier: Do you stay in touch with past band-mates?

Mykill: About a year ago I talked with Bryan, back in Connecticut, from Lost Soul

Javier: Aside from Bostaph and Lombardo, who made you want to pick up a pair of sticks?

Mykill: Wow, there are allot. Probablyrepparttar 138310 first drummer I noticed, as a young kid, was Ron Bushy from Iron Butterfly. Around that same time I discovered Ringo Starr. Years later, when I was 12, Alex Van Halen found my ear. I used to see Buddy Rich on The Tonight Show when I would be awake late. He amazed me! He still does. Also Stewart Copeland was very interesting to me. These wererepparttar 138311 drummers that forged my desire to become one myself. Once I heard Slayer, well, I found an unheard of speed that captivated me. There are so many more. Even today, I still find new drummers that awe me.

Javier: The last one, tell me about this cd.

Mykill: Sure, 4 maybe 5 songs, out in 2005, clips will be onrepparttar 138312 site, also in 2005, (http://www.deadskinmask.com) before it (cd) is released.

Look for Dead Skin Mask, Slayer tribute band. They are very fast and very good.

Javier Escandoza.


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