Write a Power Press Release and Get a Feature Story-Seven Times as Valuable as Advertising

Written by Judy Cullins

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The San Diego Union-Tribune responded to my press release withrepparttar headline "Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Sell More Books Than You Ever Dreamed Of" by giving me space that would have cost $3000 if I had placed an ad. Funny, they didn't even interview me.

The columnist created her own story.She used this heading: "Workshop Guides Novice Book Authors." One of her highlights said, "seminar participants might berepparttar 100958 next John Grisham."

My phone rang offrepparttar 100959 hook for over a week. I hired an assistant and we took over 100 calls and collected over 60-email address. To each ofrepparttar 100960 latter I sent my monthly eNewsletter "The Book Coach Says..." and got four new book-coaching clients worth thousands of dollars overrepparttar 100961 next six months. Atrepparttar 100962 same time, my assistants sold 25 books and kits atrepparttar 100963 back ofrepparttar 100964 room.

You Have What Editors Need

Media editors and radio/TB talk show producers want and need human interest, and newsworthy stories. You have what they need-solutions to problems their particular audiences have.

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A Cold, Hard Look At Why E-zine Advertising...Doesn't Work!

Written by Dave Cole

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A 50,000 base e-zine may have 10,000 of those which are undeliverable.

Here's another way some e-zines gain big subscriber numbers, quickly and un-professionally. The editor will get some FFA or Links Pages accounts. Then when a person posts to their page, they will be automatically subscribed torepparttar e-zine.

Some editors will say this in their confirmation messages to repparttar 100957 post, others will simply add your address to their mailing list.

But since folks almost always use submission software and never read these confirmation notices, they don't realize what happened. And again, these subscriptions are all going to trash accounts so no one ever reads them anyway.

All that really happens isrepparttar 100958 e-zines numbers go up andrepparttar 100959 editor's credibility goes down.

So be careful when placing e-zine advertising.

Before you buy advertising, write and askrepparttar 100960 editor a couple of things.

1. Are ALL their subscribers opt-in addresses..... meaning dorepparttar 100961 editors have an actual subscription request on file.

2. What isrepparttar 100962 e-zines un-deliverable rate?

3. What is their un-subscribe rate?

I mean folks, why buy advertising if all your ad is going to be sent to is trash accounts or undeliverable addresses or to newsletters that no one wants to read?

Fortunately there are a lot of quality e-zines out there with editors who take excellent care of who is on their list and who isn't.

For instance, Prosperity has over 30,000 readers. Every single one of them has opted in to our list and we have a subscription notice for every single address.

Also, if an address has 3 undeliverables in a row, it is dropped off our list permanently. We allow three grace mailings cause some folks go on vacation or forget to check their mail, or things come up in their lives.

But 3 in a row, and you're gone. That gives us an undeliverable rate of less than 1%. And it's usually between 0.03 and 0.04%...less than one half of one percent.

And folks, I will tell you this, there are very few e-zines out there that can claim that low of an undeliverable rate.

We also have an exceptionally low un-subscribe rate of only about 5 out of a thousand.

We are quite proud ofrepparttar 100963 fact that all our readers are such high quality readers.

We want to thank all our readers for being such quality folks. Without you, none of this would be possible.

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