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Written by Fred Farah

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Can you see how significant this all can be?

One more important point isrepparttar question of how longrepparttar 138618 articles should be. My personal preferences are 800 to 1,400 words. However, 500 to 1,000 is an acceptable range. In fact, if you have a 2,000 word article, you should split it up into 2 parts. That way you getrepparttar 138619 advantage of one extra page of visibility.

Finally, there isrepparttar 138620 question of how many directories you should post to.

You need to be aware, that posting articles can be a very time consuming exercise. For that reason, it may be best to test many, but only use a few. The more popular ones are usually better organized and permit article posting in an easy way. Ths includes previewing it before posting it with errors.

Currently, I post to 5 directories but have rejected more th an 20 that were such a drag to use, that I gave up on them. Onrepparttar 138621 easy ones to post to, I can get in and out in less than 5 minutes for one article.

Here are some current favorites:

Ezine Articles http://EzineArticles.com/

Article Alley http://www.articlealley.com/

Go Articles http://www.goarticles.com/

Idea Marketers http://ideamarketers.com/

PS: What is shocking to discover is that every directory has it's certain type of reader with differing tastes. An article read 50 times on one directory may be read 200 to 300 times in another one. Andrepparttar 138622 reverse also happens for a different article subject, when comparingrepparttar 138623 same directories. Instead of 50 and 300, it could be 300 and 50.

This proves that you must post to several directories. Probably 10 to 15 isrepparttar 138624 most you need. Even 5 is good, but 10 is better. If you change headlines and a paragraph or two, then that can be also good. Letrepparttar 138625 search engines find you more often that way.

I don't have enough articles posted yet, but I slowly add more every week or so. My primary target is 25 to 35 articles, and eventually 100 articles.

To find out where some of my work is, just search on Yahoo or Google for "fred farah"

Until next time.

Fred Farah copyright 2005

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Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part VIII

Written by David D. Deprice

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DVD Format explanation:

* DVD-R: This wasrepparttar worlds first recordable DVD format and is compatible about 90% to all standalone DVDPlayers. * DVD-RW: Same as above, except this one is Re-Writable and about 40% compatible to standalone DVDPlayers. * DVD+R: This is a new-generation DVD format, and is compatible about 70% to all standalone DVDPlayers. * DVD+RW: Same as above, except this one is Re-Writable and about 40% compatible to standalone DVDPlayers. * DVD+R DL: This is a Double-Layer media, and makes 1:1 copies of DVDs possible, because it hasrepparttar 137284 same capacity as pressed DVD-Movies.

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