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Written by Dave Gilis

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Link exchanges

A common practice to increase PR is to exchange links with other sites, a practice also known as reciprocal linking. You can start by looking in a directory such as About.com or DMOZ for reputable sites with a topic somehow related to yours. If at all possible, your partner's link page must be accessible from their homepage, have a decent PR and not contain too many outbound links. Open each URL to learn a little bit about each site and find a contact email and than send a personalized email asking for a reciprocal link.

In addition you should set up a links page that is easily accessible on your site to offer reciprocal linking opportunity.

You should note however that link exchanges and reciprocal linking are slowly becoming a thing ofrepparttar past as this technique has been abused, and search engines have increased their capabilities to detect it. There is strong evidence that search engines give more weight to one-way links (such as links from directories or from articles).

Writing articles

This is a great way to get links from important pages with high PR and it is successfully used by many top marketers. Basically, you write articles related to your field, and allow others to publish them for free in websites and newsletters. Atrepparttar 150245 end of your article, you include a resource box (a small bio) with a link to your website. The link should includerepparttar 150246 full URL spelled out (http:// …) since some sites copy justrepparttar 150247 text and deleterepparttar 150248 links. Now you’ll have to publicize your articles by finding sites that post articles. Type your main keywords + “articles” in Google to find potential sites. Before spendingrepparttar 150249 time to send your articles check each site to verify it has a PR of at least 4.

As your articles get published, your links will spread like wildfire and your PR will increase. The bonus is that many ofrepparttar 150250 sites that publish articles are respectable portals or news sites and such sites are likely to have a high PR.

Getting Links without Even Asking

My favorite way to get links (butrepparttar 150251 most time-consuming) is to simply haverepparttar 150252 best site onrepparttar 150253 Internet in any specific niche. Even if you think there is nothing unique about your website try to find a small niche where you can specialize. Interestingly enough, if your site is focused around a theme and is well written, providing tons of useful information and is constantly updated, you often won't have to seek out links at all. Other sites will simply link to yours. The better your content,repparttar 150254 more one-way links and reciprocal link offer you will get over time.

Guest Book Signings

Another linking strategy is guestbook signings, as most community-based sites allow free signature links in forum posts. So participating in popular forums related to your industry is likely to increase your PR. You can searchrepparttar 150255 webrepparttar 150256 old fashioned way. Find a guestbook, drop a note with your URL or signature and move on, or you can pay a guestbook signing service a few dollars to auto-sign your name and site URL in several thousand guestbooks.

Keep in mind, that this technique is questionable since there is a dispute among search engine optimization specialists if this technique is effective or not. It is speculated that search engines may apply filters to prevent guestbook links from increasing PR.

Get a Blog

Blogs arerepparttar 150257 newest hot trend onrepparttar 150258 Internet and are also valuable as an online marketing tool. They make it simple forrepparttar 150259 average joe to write online and even add content to their site on a daily basis with just a few clicks ofrepparttar 150260 mouse. This dramatically changesrepparttar 150261 way information is shared and distributed. With blogs anyone can easily become a source of valuable information. The search engine companies recognize this and make it a point to spiderrepparttar 150262 blog networks on a regular basis.

There are in fact several blog programs available that you can either load into your own domain with ease or that you can use from a third-party, remotely-hosted server. One popular service is Blogger.com by Google. Adding a blog by Blogger to your new website will ensure it gets spidered within days.

There are actually a few ways to get one-way inbound links with blogs. The first way is simply to host a blog on your website and update it frequently. People tend to link to blogs because they provide content that is constantly being updated. The second way is to submit it to blog directories. Just like website directories, there are tons of blog directories you can submit to for free. Just do a search on Google for "blog directory" and you will find them. The third way of getting inbound links with a blog is to host it somewhere other than on your website. Then, provide a link from your blog to your website. After you have done that, you can submit your blog to directories forrepparttar 150263 extra page rank and added exposure.

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Online Network Marketing 101B - Basic Must Steps To Follow To Be A Successful Marketer

Written by Henry Tanaka

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6. Be creative

First of all, before we talk aboutrepparttar next step, we have to understand how important creativity is inrepparttar 150219 world of Online Network Marketing. As I mentioned before, there are hundreds of ways to advertise out there, and with each passing day, new methods are being invented. And oftenrepparttar 150220 case is that people that invent those methods get successful easier compared to others. So if you want to succeed fast, you have to be creative.

Most people think that being creative is a natural born talent. This is a very wrong way of thinking. Creativity is a habit! It is something that can be cultivated out of you! All you have to do is to tell yourself to be creative, PRACTICErepparttar 150221 habit of telling yourself that and LEARN many more new things to increase your creativity.

Let’s say for some reason you feel that you are not able to come up with anything creative. Do NOT worry! There are some online businesses out there that provide a lot of training. I am able to write this article all thanks torepparttar 150222 system that my online business provides me with. All you have to do is to be inrepparttar 150223 right system and takerepparttar 150224 initiative to be creative and add some persistence, you will do really well in your business.

7. Take action

This is highlighted again because I can’t emphasize it enough. If you have read this article andrepparttar 150225 previous article completely, then you are able to take action and do excellently in your business. It is time to stop thinking and picturing yourself being rich. Those are no good if you are not taking actions. With action, a clearer picture of success will be painted. So tell yourself that you will take action right after you finish reading this article.

If you askrepparttar 150226 successful elites inrepparttar 150227 world of online network marketing, a lot of them will say that network marketing is not difficult. You just have to sacrifice some time every day and you have to be persistent. I believe that everybody is able to do that and that leads to my other belief that everybody can be successful and get rich, including you.

Working together with you toward financial freedom, Henry Tanaka

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