Would you Steel your household appliances

Written by Donald Grummett

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---------------------------- Steel, chromium, and nickel Stainless steel is steel to which has been added chromium and nickel. This results in steel with a very hard surface that will resist both pitting and rusting. The chromium gives itrepparttar characteristic shiny surface layer andrepparttar 100079 nickel gives itrepparttar 100080 non-magnetic character. So when your refrigerator magnets do not stick, blamerepparttar 100081 nickel. If scratched, stainless steel can in fact self heal. A new layer of oxide will be produced that can cover over small scratches. But, sincerepparttar 100082 surface layer is extremely thin rust can result ifrepparttar 100083 scratch pierces this layer and exposesrepparttar 100084 base steel. ------------------------------ Stainless considered high end Most manufacturers offer stainless steel appliances as part of their high end product lines. General Electric calls their stainless series Profile or Monogram. Frigidaire calls theirs Pro Gallery. Maytag, Whirlpool, and LG also offer stainless steel versions of their products. Frigidaire has recently uppedrepparttar 100085 stakes withrepparttar 100086 introduction of an even higher priced series called Icon. The Icon is an all steel finish that stresses clean and contemporary lines while maintaining all necessary functionality. Other manufacturers will be responding. ------------------ Fad or functional Do you remember green, yellow, or brown refrigerators? How about turquoise stoves, or black washing machines? At one time these were all consideredrepparttar 100087 “in” thing. So isrepparttar 100088 stainless steel appliance just another fad? I don’t think so. Stainless steel appliances are a style that has capturedrepparttar 100089 public attention and will continue to do so. A style of appliance that continues to attract consumers in ever increasing numbers each year. So, whateverrepparttar 100090 reason that people love stainless, it would appear they will remain on consumer wish lists intorepparttar 100091 foreseeable future.

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Free French Wood Preserver

Written by Lee Coleman

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When I moved to France fromrepparttar U.K. a lot of things took time to understand. The language,repparttar 100078 habits ofrepparttar 100079 locals, opening hours of shops etc, etc. Once you integrate intorepparttar 100080 society you live in, you can quickly benefit fromrepparttar 100081 experience of people who know all sorts of things. The following is just one ofrepparttar 100082 many new things I am discovering daily.

In France, particularly in rural areas,repparttar 100083 amount of land everybody has can be quite substantial. Most people still keep livestock, even if it’s just a few chickens. Wood is still a very widely used resource and commonly used in preference to metal or to keep property in line withrepparttar 100084 surroundings.

Asrepparttar 100085 French are also very keen on recycling, or in fact you could say “they will re-use absolutely anything if they can” and they do. They have been using this free resource for years.

WASTE ENGINE OIL. Yes, believe it or notrepparttar 100086 dirty oil that you get from any oil change, car, motorbike, truck etc makes a truly effective wood preserver. I have painted stacks of wooden planks for fencing with a paintbrush and waste engine oil.

Admittedly it only comes in black and is really only practical for using on fences and outside wood, but when it soaks in to timber it gives a rustic look and makes it weather proof for years.

The best part is it’s free. If you can only use your own oil when you do an oil change that should be at least 3-4 litres If not more. Most garages inrepparttar 100087 U.K. have to pay forrepparttar 100088 waste oil they produce to be disposed of so most garages won’t have a problem giving it away to you.

I highly recommend wearing overalls, rubber gloves and put whatever it is you are treating on a plastic sheet. It’s messy!

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