Worse than tsunami, trade protectionism hurts third world citizens

Written by Dr. Eric Schansberg

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Because Christians tend to pay almost exclusive attention to relatively few (albeit important) issues, they often ignore other important policies. The passions ofrepparttar Religious Right flair on issues of social morality and abortion, but they rarely think about issues of economic justice. The Scriptures, especially throughrepparttar 113469 prophets, give a more balanced picture. The interests ofrepparttar 113470 Religious Left are centered more tightly aroundrepparttar 113471 fate ofrepparttar 113472 poor.

But their policy attentions in that realm are relatively narrow, focusing mostly on welfare and foreign aid. Pragmatism would seem to warrant discussion of a wider set of issues. Christian Libertarians are excited about voluntary displays of charity, but saddened that political shenanigans can so easily swamprepparttar 113473 efforts of ompassionate people.

All that said, care forrepparttar 113474 poor and oppressed is not a strictly Christian exercise. And very few people-Christian or not-are informed aboutrepparttar 113475 primary and secondary consequences of significant policy issues. Although Southeast Christian Church can be pleased and honored to pay part of Uncle Sam's tax bill forrepparttar 113476 Sri Lankans, perhaps all of us should pay more attention torepparttar 113477 larger issues of trade protectionism andrepparttar 113478 mechanics of economic justice.

Eric Schansberg Professor of Economics Indiana University Southeast author of Turn Neither to the Right nor to the Left: A Thinking Christian's Guide to Politics and Public Policy

The American Economy

Written by SuperSonic Squirrel

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The American economy: based in Wall Street, susceptible to rumors that can destroyrepparttar nation, and cause untold grief torepparttar 113468 rest ofrepparttar 113469 world. The question could be asked: How long willrepparttar 113470 rest ofrepparttar 113471 world go along with this type of thinking? Will other countries fall in line, behind America as they have for decades, counting onrepparttar 113472 strong American economy to give them influence, guidance, and backing even as they seerepparttar 113473 U.S. economy taking a tailspin? There are other power groups inrepparttar 113474 world that rememberrepparttar 113475 Great Depression andrepparttar 113476 possible games that caused it to occur. These same people rememberrepparttar 113477 "winners" andrepparttar 113478 "losers," and howrepparttar 113479 effects of economic stress effected their governments. Asrepparttar 113480 American financial picture weakens, these other power groups (and governments) are looking for better economic foundations to attach their economies to. Asrepparttar 113481 American economy worsens, Congress continues to spend moneyrepparttar 113482 nation does not have. Asrepparttar 113483 American economy worsens, Congress goes out of its way to allow off-shore investments, tax-free incomes, and corporate protection for those who have a key torepparttar 113484 back offices through soft-money.

Inrepparttar 113485 end, it's aboutrepparttar 113486 same old game that was being played in 1929, but this time,repparttar 113487 end-results can be much different. Inrepparttar 113488 early part of 1929 America had a stronger industrial base than it does today. Today, that is all gone. Combine that withrepparttar 113489 country's deficit of trade,repparttar 113490 American economy could appear to be like a whirlpool of water, quickly going down a drain. Soon,repparttar 113491 sink will be empty, and there will be no reserves to build from as most investment monies have been used inrepparttar 113492 Pacific Rim, in Europe, and in Asia.

The stakes are very high. The nation is onrepparttar 113493 selling block as more money flows out ofrepparttar 113494 country. Europe has an economic plan. China and India are future big-time world players, to be sure, but America can only spend more money it doesn't have, nor will have, inrepparttar 113495 tomorrows to come as it keeps reminding itself how great a nation it is as its people go jobless, hungry, and without purpose. American barely survivedrepparttar 113496 last economic depression. Only a world at war brought it fully out ofrepparttar 113497 depths of destruction. Whenrepparttar 113498 economy is strong, everything is great, but whenrepparttar 113499 economy is broke, nothing works right. Fliprepparttar 113500 switch onrepparttar 113501 wall andrepparttar 113502 lights do not turn on. Turnrepparttar 113503 lever andrepparttar 113504 water does not run. America may be only a few years away from whenrepparttar 113505 lights andrepparttar 113506 water stop.

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