World Poker Tour -- The Beginning of a Phenomenon

Written by Tom Howze

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Having been rewarded for staying a step ahead ofrepparttar pack by reaching for new levels inrepparttar 125394 arena of poker, in September 2004repparttar 125395 WPT announcedrepparttar 125396 tournament schedules for seasons 4, 5 and 6 that covers up until 2008 to a waiting public. (Those schedules are subject to change as more and more casinos and online poker rooms vie to host WPT events.) For season 4repparttar 125397 WPT has also announcedrepparttar 125398 creation of a special poker tour for professionals only calledrepparttar 125399 Professional Poker Tour. The difference is thatrepparttar 125400 criteria for entry will be based on success in previous tournament play versesrepparttar 125401 WPT where anyone willing to payrepparttar 125402 fee can enter regardless of past performance or skill level.

Another innovation is that WPT has partnered with land based and online poker rooms to establish satellite tournaments that can allow a player to win a seat to a WPT event without having to payrepparttar 125403 pricey seat fees. These satellite tournaments often have entrance prices of under $200.00, which makes it more affordable for those seeking to play in a WPT event.

The WPT has grown to where it has made an offering of common stock underrepparttar 125404 NASDAQ symbol WPTE (World Poker Tour Enterprises). And agreements have been completed to haverepparttar 125405 show presented in Australia, Sweden, South Korea andrepparttar 125406 Philippines. They have also partnered with WagerWorks to build an online site that will allow real money wagering for poker players, so look for it inrepparttar 125407 future. (Atrepparttar 125408 time of this writing, U.S. wagers will not be accepted on this new site). Beingrepparttar 125409 version of a reality television series, you can expect new innovations to keeprepparttar 125410 World Poker Tour on top ofrepparttar 125411 game of poker.

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What Sets Chinese Painting Apart From Western Painting

Written by Ernesto Apomayta

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Inrepparttar same theme they may spend hours contemplating and drawing inspiration fromrepparttar 125393 figures of nature such as humming birds with their fragile wings,repparttar 125394 robust legs ofrepparttar 125395 cricket, andrepparttar 125396 fascinating form ofrepparttar 125397 praying mantis. Fromrepparttar 125398 minor or simple creatures that are chosen as subjects of art work, we can see how they enjoyrepparttar 125399 nature andrepparttar 125400 love they devote torepparttar 125401 most humble things.

The Chinese painter finds it offensive to contemplate and drawrepparttar 125402 human figure by itself. Human beings are part ofrepparttar 125403 surrounding heavens and earth. They are all together. That is why Chinese paintings are simple in composition and full of harmony, overall balance and peace with all of creation. They are interested inrepparttar 125404 mood and spirit.

About Ernesto Apomayta Born and raised in Puno, Peru, Ernesto Apomayta was identified as an artistic prodigy atrepparttar 125405 tender age of five. As a boy, Apomayta was first influenced and inspired byrepparttar 125406 natural marvels surroundingrepparttar 125407 humble home he shared with his family. In close proximity to shimmering Lake Titicaca,repparttar 125408 striking beauty ofrepparttar 125409 Andes andrepparttar 125410 awe-inspiring Incan ruins of his ancestors, Apomayta was spiritually compelled to express his wonder visually through his paintbrush. A direct ancestor ofrepparttar 125411 legendary photographer, Martin Chambi, Apomayta derived inspiration fromrepparttar 125412 same native influences and his legacy that encouraged Apomayta to fulfill his own artistic destiny.

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