Workplace Security and Corporate Responsibility

Written by Felix P. Nater

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4. Stress is a real factor...

Profiles of perpetrators suggest that high stress levels are commonly experienced just prior to an act of violence says Worthington J. Hurrell, in 1999 in an article entitled: "Job stress, gender, and workplace violence Analysis of assault experiences of state employees". Dr. Frank Ghinassi, PhD, and assistant professor of psychiatry atrepparttar University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said thatrepparttar 105874 start of war can bring on feelings of anxiety over personal safety, financial security andrepparttar 105875 safety of loved ones in military service. He stressed that it was possible that many would experience feelings of increased stress and anxiety. I believe aggressive intervention and security awareness are essential torepparttar 105876 interdiction ofrepparttar 105877 potentially explosive situation.

5. The President comes torepparttar 105878 rescue...

Challengingrepparttar 105879 effectiveness of an aggressive Workplace Violence Interdiction Program wasrepparttar 105880 1999 Federal Trade Commission Fair Credit Reporting opinion that prohibited employers' use of outside professional investigators in cases of suspected employee misconduct unlessrepparttar 105881 same requirements used in credit investigations were satisfied. This meant thatrepparttar 105882 worker suspected of misconduct had to be notified before any investigation. In addition,repparttar 105883 FTC required thatrepparttar 105884 employer provide a complete copy ofrepparttar 105885 investigation's results torepparttar 105886 suspect employee, includingrepparttar 105887 names and comments of witnesses.

Thanks torepparttar 105888 yeoman efforts of ASIS (Association of Security Industrial Society),repparttar 105889 U. S. Chamber of Commerce, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) andrepparttar 105890 National Council of Investigation and Security Services, President Bush signed a bill into law Dec. 4, 2003 re-authorizingrepparttar 105891 Fair Credit Reporting Act, which includes a provision that removes workplace misconduct investigations fromrepparttar 105892 notice and disclosure requirements ofrepparttar 105893 FCRA. This re-authorization aids workplace security intervention. ASIS officials said these barriers were overlooked by Congress until Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) perceivedrepparttar 105894 possible threat posed torepparttar 105895 security and safety of employees and consumers byrepparttar 105896 FTC opinion. Sarah Pierce, SHRM manager of employment policy, said, "the FTC's 1999 interpretation was problematic because it contradicted numerous other laws that were specifically tailored to apply torepparttar 105897 workplace." "Because ofrepparttar 105898 changes, employers can now hire outside experts to investigate incidents of workplace misconduct without fear of liability", said Josh Ulman, Director, Labor Law Policy forrepparttar 105899 U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The re-authorization restoresrepparttar 105900 employer's right to maintain a safe and secure workplace and insures a suspect's right to a professional, thorough and impartial investigation.

6. Corporate America takes responsibility and accountability...

Employers who take responsibility and accountability forrepparttar 105901 hostile conduct of its employees are employers who follow their Security Policy, Plans and Programs. Merely discipliningrepparttar 105902 perpetrator without a thorough knowledge ofrepparttar 105903 facts and circumstances does not do justice torepparttar 105904 adverse potential to morale, performance, production, future compensation claims and security. It fails to identifyrepparttar 105905 root cause or repparttar 105906 contributing behavior ofrepparttar 105907 participants. Remember, every catastrophe has a precursor event beforerepparttar 105908 triggering action. Knowingrepparttar 105909 Risk Indicators warns all of repparttar 105910 suspicious intentions. When there are clear reporting requirements all involved will benefit fromrepparttar 105911 early warning and collaboration. Corporate America can again regainrepparttar 105912 lost turf. Being able to conduct a proper investigation, take corrective measures will assist withrepparttar 105913 rehabilitation process.

Felix P. Nater is President of Nater Associates, Ltd. a Security Management Consulting Practice specializing in issues affecting Workplace Security, Workplace Violence Prevention and Security Awareness.

How Much Money would it cost you to regain the use of your computer after a serious virus infection?

Written by Richard Rossbauer

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Also true for Firewall program updates.

Today’s major scourge, however, seems to berepparttar rampant spread of spyware (keyloggers, adware, malicious software known as ‘malware’, all designed to be invisible, often self propagating).

Spyware seeks information about you and your computer-use habits that are private and personal. It is a threat that can often lead to loss of a person’s identity, bank accounts, reputation and employment.

There are major efforts on an international basis to stoprepparttar 105873 spread of SPAM (unwanted email), that has been responsible for much ofrepparttar 105874 virus epidemic.

Viruses are spread in other ways, too. Downloaded music files, downloaded programs and information gained from Chat Room visits, hidden worms that activate just by clicking on links in some unsolicited emails and pop-ups, are just a few.

There are other protective tools available at no cost (FREE) from many ofrepparttar 105875 software manufacturers of Firewalls, anti-virus and spyware searching programs. Many are included withrepparttar 105876 email services provided by AOL, Earthlink, MSN, etc.

These are primarily Pop-up blockers and virus scanners. The ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) also scan for and filter out email messages that look suspicious before being passed on to you.

Pop-up blockers, spam filters, message blockers, and other protective defenses can be installed on everyone’s personal computer. They are often free, or relatively inexpensive.

Our friends now know a lot more about protecting themselves from all ofrepparttar 105877 dangers lurking inrepparttar 105878 Cyber-Jungle.

To clean out their infected computer, which required a clean wipe of their hard drive, re-installation of their Operating System, and an updated anti-virus program, they were charged $180.00!

Needless to say, they have increased their defenses with updated virus-scanning software, Firewall, and spyware scanners and cleaners.

They learned a lessonrepparttar 105879 hard way, and they’ll help their friends avoidrepparttar 105880 problems they experienced by sharing their story and encouraging them to get their computers up to date and prepared forrepparttar 105881 ever increasing threats byrepparttar 105882 spammers, hackers and virus writers.

If you userepparttar 105883 internet regularly, a subscription to one ofrepparttar 105884 security oriented newsletters can alert you torepparttar 105885 latest threats and provide helpful information for maintaining a secure, virus free computer and avoiding potential identity theft.

The “Security Alert News Reporter” published throughrepparttar 105886 Firewalls and Virus Protection website is free, it’s distributed about once each month and is written in an easy to understand, non-technical style.

A few minutes browsing there now might save you many hours of agony and grief later.

(You can take part inrepparttar 105887 Computer Security Awareness Campaign by Sharing this with a friend.)

Richard started his "Firewalls and Virus Protection" website and "Security Alert News Reporter" to help everyday internet users safely navigate through the cyber space that has become a ‘Cyber Jungle’, loaded with ambushes and booby-traps. He promotes his "Computer Security Awareness Campaign" thru his website at

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