Workplace Security Plan: Does Your Company Have One?

Written by Felix P. Nater

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Protecting Your Company From Terrorsim From Within…

In his article Dr. Rovner, writes thatrepparttar Employee-Terrorist is “calculated” and will wait forrepparttar 105875 opportunity to strike, while usingrepparttar 105876 employer to survive beyondrepparttar 105877 stipends provided by their terrorist group,repparttar 105878 unwitting employer isrepparttar 105879 potential target depending onrepparttar 105880 type of business or government agency. But even ifrepparttar 105881 companies are not specifically targeted says, Dr. Rovner, they are indirectly and unknowingly supporting Terrorist by providing a source of income. Likerepparttar 105882 Terrorist who awaitsrepparttar 105883 call to action,repparttar 105884 disgruntled employee is “event driven” byrepparttar 105885 circumstances. Bothrepparttar 105886 “Terrorist” andrepparttar 105887 “Disgruntled Employee” share some other common opportunities as “employees”; they have access torepparttar 105888 company and are familiar withrepparttar 105889 company secrets.

The Potential Threat…

Driving home a clear and evident example ofrepparttar 105890 potential terrorist’s ability to penetrate even a secure environment, I am reminded ofrepparttar 105891 British Daily Mirror Reporter, Ryan Parry who compromisedrepparttar 105892 Buckingham Palace’s hiring and recruitment procedures by providing false credentials and gaining precarious access torepparttar 105893 President ofrepparttar 105894 United and his wife while staying atrepparttar 105895 palace. Even thoughrepparttar 105896 palace had an elaborate security system and employedrepparttar 105897 most stringent security measures to guaranteerepparttar 105898 safety of President Bush, Parry successfully breeched security by falsifying his references. According to security officials they were satisfied that bothrepparttar 105899 security and criminal records check were robust and done correctly. The response may have satisfied some political end but didn’t answerrepparttar 105900 question of what type of employee background check was done to authenticate and validaterepparttar 105901 hiring duringrepparttar 105902 screening process. Such access was a breach atrepparttar 105903 hiring phase when in all likelihood,repparttar 105904 responsibility fell onrepparttar 105905 lonely shoulders of a lowly paid clerk who merely followedrepparttar 105906 checklist.

What To Look For…?

I believerepparttar 105907 collaborative process ofrepparttar 105908 Threat Assessment Team concept enhancesrepparttar 105909 prevention and proactive essentials and promotes shared awareness inrepparttar 105910 identification ofrepparttar 105911 potential threatening applicant duringrepparttar 105912 hiring process. The same collaborative process can be used to insurerepparttar 105913 right individual passesrepparttar 105914 hiring and recruitment process early on before permanent employment. Dr. Rovner says that companies, agencies and organizations can take preventive measures. He suggests thatrepparttar 105915 Human Resource Department be a bit more aggressive duringrepparttar 105916 hiring phases by instillingrepparttar 105917 essential skills ofrepparttar 105918 investigator. Verification of all data atrepparttar 105919 hiring process is critical. He said, “One ofrepparttar 105920 scariest things aboutrepparttar 105921 Terrorist is that they look just like you and me”. While psychologist have not developed a foolproof terrorist profile, he suggests that most Terrorists posses a number ofrepparttar 105922 same traits. Tactfully worded questions duringrepparttar 105923 interview process will alertrepparttar 105924 interviewer. Dr. Rovner further suggest that sincerepparttar 105925 Terrorist possess common traitsrepparttar 105926 use of properly designed questions will tell whetherrepparttar 105927 applicant has most or all ofrepparttar 105928 traits. He suggest they are:

-Loners -Dissatisfied with their lives -Have low self-esteem -Are true believers -Are antisocial -Lack pity or remorse -Have grievances against our country and our allies -Are tremendously loyal to their terrorist group.

Anyone intimately familiar withrepparttar 105929 Threat Assessment Process would quickly discern that some ofrepparttar 105930 Terrorist’s traits and characteristics are common torepparttar 105931 disgruntled employee.

If anyone would like a copy of Dr. Rovner's article, please send me an email requestingrepparttar 105932 article.

President of Nater Associates as security management consulting firm specialzing in workplace security & workplace violence prevention. Felix retired as a postal inspector with 30 years experience.

Workplace Security and Corporate Responsibility

Written by Felix P. Nater

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4. Stress is a real factor...

Profiles of perpetrators suggest that high stress levels are commonly experienced just prior to an act of violence says Worthington J. Hurrell, in 1999 in an article entitled: "Job stress, gender, and workplace violence Analysis of assault experiences of state employees". Dr. Frank Ghinassi, PhD, and assistant professor of psychiatry atrepparttar University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said thatrepparttar 105874 start of war can bring on feelings of anxiety over personal safety, financial security andrepparttar 105875 safety of loved ones in military service. He stressed that it was possible that many would experience feelings of increased stress and anxiety. I believe aggressive intervention and security awareness are essential torepparttar 105876 interdiction ofrepparttar 105877 potentially explosive situation.

5. The President comes torepparttar 105878 rescue...

Challengingrepparttar 105879 effectiveness of an aggressive Workplace Violence Interdiction Program wasrepparttar 105880 1999 Federal Trade Commission Fair Credit Reporting opinion that prohibited employers' use of outside professional investigators in cases of suspected employee misconduct unlessrepparttar 105881 same requirements used in credit investigations were satisfied. This meant thatrepparttar 105882 worker suspected of misconduct had to be notified before any investigation. In addition,repparttar 105883 FTC required thatrepparttar 105884 employer provide a complete copy ofrepparttar 105885 investigation's results torepparttar 105886 suspect employee, includingrepparttar 105887 names and comments of witnesses.

Thanks torepparttar 105888 yeoman efforts of ASIS (Association of Security Industrial Society),repparttar 105889 U. S. Chamber of Commerce, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) andrepparttar 105890 National Council of Investigation and Security Services, President Bush signed a bill into law Dec. 4, 2003 re-authorizingrepparttar 105891 Fair Credit Reporting Act, which includes a provision that removes workplace misconduct investigations fromrepparttar 105892 notice and disclosure requirements ofrepparttar 105893 FCRA. This re-authorization aids workplace security intervention. ASIS officials said these barriers were overlooked by Congress until Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) perceivedrepparttar 105894 possible threat posed torepparttar 105895 security and safety of employees and consumers byrepparttar 105896 FTC opinion. Sarah Pierce, SHRM manager of employment policy, said, "the FTC's 1999 interpretation was problematic because it contradicted numerous other laws that were specifically tailored to apply torepparttar 105897 workplace." "Because ofrepparttar 105898 changes, employers can now hire outside experts to investigate incidents of workplace misconduct without fear of liability", said Josh Ulman, Director, Labor Law Policy forrepparttar 105899 U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The re-authorization restoresrepparttar 105900 employer's right to maintain a safe and secure workplace and insures a suspect's right to a professional, thorough and impartial investigation.

6. Corporate America takes responsibility and accountability...

Employers who take responsibility and accountability forrepparttar 105901 hostile conduct of its employees are employers who follow their Security Policy, Plans and Programs. Merely discipliningrepparttar 105902 perpetrator without a thorough knowledge ofrepparttar 105903 facts and circumstances does not do justice torepparttar 105904 adverse potential to morale, performance, production, future compensation claims and security. It fails to identifyrepparttar 105905 root cause or repparttar 105906 contributing behavior ofrepparttar 105907 participants. Remember, every catastrophe has a precursor event beforerepparttar 105908 triggering action. Knowingrepparttar 105909 Risk Indicators warns all of repparttar 105910 suspicious intentions. When there are clear reporting requirements all involved will benefit fromrepparttar 105911 early warning and collaboration. Corporate America can again regainrepparttar 105912 lost turf. Being able to conduct a proper investigation, take corrective measures will assist withrepparttar 105913 rehabilitation process.

Felix P. Nater is President of Nater Associates, Ltd. a Security Management Consulting Practice specializing in issues affecting Workplace Security, Workplace Violence Prevention and Security Awareness.

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