Working At Home: The First Year Revisited

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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Many ofrepparttar entries in my so-called diary had to do withrepparttar 117139 proverbial "two steps forward and one step backward" thing andrepparttar 117140 ever-looming temptation to become discouraged. Although I didn't appreciate it atrepparttar 117141 time, it is now obvious that as long as you have more steps forward than backward you will eventually get ahead! Isn't hindsight wonderful?

Other entries reflectrepparttar 117142 fact that relatively minor events can seem huge inrepparttar 117143 early stages of developing a work at home business and can really contribute to an emotional roller coaster ride. For example, if you are just starting out and you have two customers/clients and you lose one...that's a 50% drop! However, if you fast-forward in time torepparttar 117144 point where you have hundreds of customers/clients and you lose one...that's just a mere fraction of 1%! Same event, just at a different point in time.

Looking back on it now, some ofrepparttar 117145 stuff I recorded now seems humorous, but I'm pretty sure that was notrepparttar 117146 case atrepparttar 117147 time I maderepparttar 117148 notations.

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Lease Purchasing Is The Perfect Home-Based Business

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

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Why? To operate a successful Lease Purchase business, you need a telephone, fax, computer and Internet access, all readily available in today's modern home office. Operated correctly, you rarely have to leaverepparttar house. You can prospect for sellers throughrepparttar 117138 use ofrepparttar 117139 telephone, fax and e-mail. You receive calls from tenant/buyers from ads you've placed by phone. You do consultations telephonically.

In this business, unlike others we've operated whererepparttar 117140 more successful you become,repparttar 117141 more time you spend out ofrepparttar 117142 office, in Lease Purchasing,repparttar 117143 more successful you become,repparttar 117144 more time you can spend in your home office. It becomes a positive cycle. You'll have more people call you, you'll do more consultations, you'll spend more time in your home office, and so on.

Few other home-based businesses we know of even come close torepparttar 117145 freedom and flexibility of Lease Purchasing. If your looking for a business which allows you to maximize your income to time ratio, Lease Purchasing is it.

We wouldn't trade our business for any other, which is why we call Lease Purchasingrepparttar 117146 Perfect home-Based business.

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