Workgroups and networking crossover

Written by Jan Fritz

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People are by definition marginalized though they possess equal capacity as a referencegroup. They are not allowed to access main social arenas through sofisticated and embedded systems and subsytems producing "dropouts". The influence and power to definerepparttar codes , rules and conditions is of course allrepparttar 126127 members privelige.

Thatīs why we chooserepparttar 126128 strategy to ignore conventional roadmaps in favour of become aware of unexpected paths and turn hidden space visible. This approach generates far more opportunities waiting inrepparttar 126129 unknown terrain and pardoxal directories. Children got that magic finding an exiting position under a table. Hidden and forgotten space! The Crocodile lives most ofrepparttar 126130 time, waiting for an opportunity to strike from its hidden space.

Lots of new ways to discover, new knowledge to share and more experience to add. The proper tools will be invented and produced as a result ofrepparttar 126131 evaluation and reflection processes and methaprocesses that follow systematic interventions and actions as creating values.



Forgiveness is Not the Same as Trust

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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1.Remove yourself from further sources of temptation and let it be known that you have. Donít go where you used to go, and donít hang out with people you used to hang out with, and avoid people who do what you want to avoid doing. 2.Be particularly careful of your behavior when withrepparttar person youíve harmed. For instance, if you have an affair on your husband, when in social situations, patently ignore members ofrepparttar 126126 opposite sex and stick byrepparttar 126127 side of your husband. 3.If embarrassment has been caused and/or temptation remains, be willing to relocate Ė get another job if you had an affair atrepparttar 126128 office, or move to another neighborhood if it was with a neighbor. 4.Over-communicate. If you used to sneak off to drink or gamble saying you were working late, or meeting a friend, announce where youíre going, with whom youíre going, and when youíll be back. Give a phone number and an invitation for them to check in with you (i.e., check up on your). Better yet, YOU call. (Donít whine. This is a consequence of your actions you must deal with if you want to regain trust.) 5.Be meticulous about keeping your word. If you say youíll meet him at 5:00 p.m., be there at 5 till. If you say youíll pick up milk atrepparttar 126129 store onrepparttar 126130 way home, do it. 6.Make your life an open book. Display, without vindictiveness,repparttar 126131 things you used to hide Ėrepparttar 126132 cell phone bill,repparttar 126133 address book,repparttar 126134 credit card statements,repparttar 126135 contents of your travel suitcase, whoís onrepparttar 126136 other end ofrepparttar 126137 phoneline, and whatís inrepparttar 126138 cup youíre drinking out of.

You can grasprepparttar 126139 picture better if you considerrepparttar 126140 unfortunate analogy of a dog whoís been beaten. If you adopt such a dog, youíll find every time you approach them, they will cower or run away. You will have to approach slowly, with your hands exposed, palms up, so that slowlyrepparttar 126141 dog will learn that you donít harbor weapons, and donít use your hands to hit. This requires discipline on your part, and consideration forrepparttar 126142 other, but is part of restitution. In other words, you make it very clear, overly-clear, that you donít intend to do what you did again.

In sum, if someone has granted you forgiveness for something youíve said or done, and you want to continuerepparttar 126143 relationship, you will have to rebuildrepparttar 126144 trust. Damaged relationships can be repaired with forgiveness, time, changed behavior (and words are a behavior), and restored trust.

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