Workers Compensation, Understanding It From Your Point Of View

Written by Ben Shar

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Likewise, if you are a business owner, it is up to you to purchase and keep current workers compensation insurance. If you do not have this, you are asking for problems. If you have been involved in a situation where someone was hurt and wants to get workers compensation forrepparttar injury, your workers compensation lawyers for your insurance company will help you to insure thatrepparttar 147117 claim is legitimate and that you pay a fair amount of money.

In many places, it is illegal to not have this type of insurance. With our business and employees having to work faster to keep up with demand, it is just inevitable that injuries will happen. If you are properly protected either through an attorney or through insurance,repparttar 147118 process andrepparttar 147119 end result will be a good one.

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The Human Side of Ad Tracking: How to Use Emails to Connect With Your Customers and Find Out Why They Really Bought

Written by Jeff Mulligan

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* My ad onrepparttar ClickBank web site is working - keep it going.

* I have a lot of beginners who don't have a web site of their own. I should continue to highlight this feature.

* People likerepparttar 147093 fact that there is a built-in autoresponder that puts their affiliate links on allrepparttar 147094 messages that go out. It means they get multiple chances to sell. Perhaps I should promote this more.

* My eBook and eCourse, 10 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money, is working.

* Look atrepparttar 147095 last message. This is evidence of how important follow-up is. This person waited 3 months before she felt comfortable ordering.

* My guarantee is very important.

While I can only show you a small sample here, there are many more that echo these thoughts. Put them together in your head and you can see clear trends about what features come up most frequently. For me, ease of use,repparttar 147096 ClickBank affiliation andrepparttar 147097 personalized autoresponders arerepparttar 147098 most common reasons people buy. I have adjustedrepparttar 147099 sales copy to highlight these features.

What will you find out?

Note for ClickBank affiliates: If you use ClickBank, you know that you getrepparttar 147100 email address of your customers. You can use that to send a quick email requesting this information.

A word about timing: I have found that this works really well if you sendrepparttar 147101 email out immediately afterrepparttar 147102 purchase. Mine goes out atrepparttar 147103 same timerepparttar 147104 thank you email goes out. This way,repparttar 147105 reasons are still fresh inrepparttar 147106 customer's mind, and they are in a very cooperative mood - often quite excited from their purchase and anxious to do anything to help.

How to reply: I set up a simple macro so that I can just hit reply, activaterepparttar 147107 macro, and hit send. It just takes a few seconds. Mine just says:

“Thank you for helping out with your input. I really appreciate it. I look forward to helping you make extra money with your new CBmall.”

Thats all you need, but you should be sure to acknowledge their answers with a reply.

**** How This Helps Your Affiliate Program ****

Here's another great fringe benefit of this tactic. Often customers will specifically mentionrepparttar 147108 newsletter they were reading orrepparttar 147109 web site they were visiting that first told them about CBmall.

When they do, I will frequently copyrepparttar 147110 email and send it to that newsletter or web site owner. Since these people are my affiliates, it's a great way to show them how their CBmall promotions are working. It also shows them I am paying attention to their business.

Remember that “mind share” is important in keeping your affiliates active and promoting your products. I've garnered considerable good will through these quick little messages.

**** Summary ****

In summary, while ad tracking is vital to learn WHERE your business is coming from, an autoresponder message to find out WHY you got your business is often just as valuable. Implement this simple tactic and give yourself a better understanding of what is working for you. Use that knowledge to fine tune your site for maximum conversions.

Jeff Mulligan has an MBA and 20+ years of marketing experience as an ad agency Senior VP and VP Marketing for two software companies. Jeff owns CBmall, a site that provides 10 different ways for ClickBank affiliates to earn income on 1,997 ClickBank InfoProducts.

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