Work Smartly and not hard: Part III

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

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Planning A Calendar: Studying according to a calendar plan isrepparttar most important and alsorepparttar 142281 most difficult thing to do. Don't study more than two subjects in a day, other wise you are going to mix uprepparttar 142282 things for similar courses that you don't spend a lot of time switching between subjects. If you lose a day due to any unforeseen circumstances just pick up fromrepparttar 142283 place you had leftrepparttar 142284 previous day. Don't move your entire schedule forward. Remember to leave little margins of time for such days during your planning ofrepparttar 142285 calendar.

Prepare From Old Question Papers: Just reading from your text-books is never enough - very little of it actually sinks in. You need to sweat it out with pen and paper, trying to actually solve problems from your books and old test papers. Go over as many different problems as you can.

Don't Give Up: Don't leave a problem till you are convinced that you can solve it by yourself. Depending onrepparttar 142286 explanation given by your teacher or book is only a temporary solution. You need to solverepparttar 142287 problem yourself to make sure that it doesn't leave you puzzled inrepparttar 142288 examination hall.

Recreation: It is important to remain fresh so thatrepparttar 142289 material that you are studying gets absorbed by your mind. If mind is already tired it will not be in a condition to do so. If you feel yourself mentally tired, take a break. Taking a short walk inrepparttar 142290 park or your lawn may be good idea. It refreshesrepparttar 142291 mind as well asrepparttar 142292 body. Chatting to family or taking your pet out for a stroll or taking a small nap are other healthy options. You can try a quick shower for that added freshness.

Revision Plan: Work out a smart revision plan as discussed already all have limited hours in a day, same books, similar sources of guidance and similar circumstances. To crackrepparttar 142293 competition, we need to have an edge over others. Revising is a very effective way for that. Concentration: Concentration is one’s ability to fix his thought upon one thing at a time. Mostly during studies our mind drifts to several unrelated things and atrepparttar 142294 end we may find you wasting lot of time. The key is to put your 100% inrepparttar 142295 task that you are currently doing. Studying actively will help to a great extent in this regard. We will discuss separately in one ofrepparttar 142296 chapters.

Using planned Intervals to Enhance memory: A lengthy learning session results in unnecessary stress for your memory. It is very necessary that you take a break after say every 50 minutes. The break could be of 10-15 minutes. Just remember a break is for your mind so be careful not to load it with additional information through watching TV or doing a puzzle. Complete rest ofrepparttar 142297 mind and body is required before one starts learning again.

Use Memory Route: To reducerepparttar 142298 revision time, we need to condenserepparttar 142299 whole theory of 5 to 10 pages into, may be, one diagram. By doing so, only a glance will be sufficient to make you recallrepparttar 142300 whole theory. You should make an attempt to make memory routes for whatever you read so that it comes handy later. acronym is a technique used to further condenserepparttar 142301 theory into just a few words to enhancerepparttar 142302 memory power.

Do not discussrepparttar 142303 subject with your classmates just beforerepparttar 142304 exams: it is likely that you will discover what you haven’t studied. It will make you nervous and loose confidence.

Answering Techniques

The commonest fault in any written work is a failure to keep torepparttar 142305 point and not to answerrepparttar 142306 question Completely. When you write an answer you are engaged in an assessment of what is relevant. What doesrepparttar 142307 examiner expect as an answer.? Most people do not think about this seriously enough and believe that more verbiage is better than less -repparttar 142308 opposite isrepparttar 142309 case. The shorter a piece of written work is,repparttar 142310 more critical thought has been applied to writing it andrepparttar 142311 sharper it is. Moreoverrepparttar 142312 examiner or tutor can read it more easily and with less effort. Here are some points to remember ·Do you write for yourself ? your script must be legible to be understood. ·As you plan and draft your answer, think about what you should leave out as much as what you should put in. ·Make things visible for him. Draw a diagram if possible. ·Use key words always and every time. Any examiner is looking for these key words always and your marks depend on that to quite an extent. Do not forget to underline these. ·Use mathematical equations/ formulas to support your answer if possible. ·Give space between answers to different questions/ sections. ·Do not make your mistakes conspicuous by trying to hide it.

·Write what he wants you to write and not what you want to write. You only get credit and marks for what is asked.W ·Work out a overall time plan and review it at regular interval. ·Attemptrepparttar 142313 question you know well first and limit your time for that failing which you will be tempted to write all you know about irrespective of fact that it is not asked. ·Be sure that you are writingrepparttar 142314 right thing inrepparttar 142315 beginning. Readrepparttar 142316 question twice before you jump to answer that ·Attemptrepparttar 142317 number of questions stipulated even if you do not know it fully. Remember no body wants to fail you. ·Do not write stories. Write point wise. ·If possible, make points as headings and underline these.

·Plan a margin of 10% time for final revision and changes if any.

·Do not appeal for more marks inrepparttar 142318 text any where, it will result only in you getting less marks.

·Try to answer all parts of a question in same order. It is very irritating to find different parts at different places and not even marked properly at times.

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Author has 28 years of experience in the field of Teaching and Management. He is M. Tech from IIT Kanpur and has worked in different capacities including Signal corps Indian Army, Regional Manager for a Telecom Company. Currently he is Associate Professor with ITM, Gurgaon that is rated as best Engineering colleges of North India.

Teaching AGAINST Truth

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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"The English novelist J. B. Priestly, who is married torepparttar well-known archaeologist Jacquetta Hawkes, related this experience to Arthur Koestler in a letter dated February 7, 1972:

‘My wife bought three large lithographs by Graham Sutherland. When they arrived here from London she took them up to her bedroom, to hang them up inrepparttar 142240 morning. They were leaning against a chair andrepparttar 142241 one onrepparttar 142242 outside, facingrepparttar 142243 room, was a lithograph of a grasshopper. When Jacquetta got into bed that night, she felt some sort of twittering movement going on, so she got out and pulled backrepparttar 142244 clothes. There was a grasshopper inrepparttar 142245 bed. No grasshopper had been seen since. No grasshopper has been seen at any time in this house. ('Research in Parapsychology', W.G. Roll, R.L. Morris, and J. D. Morris, eds. p. 209)” (17)

The soul can teach a great deal but manipulation and denial stop the ability to question authority.

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