Work Choices For Retirees

Written by C. Mazza

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As medical advances have effectively extended life expectance letting seniors live healthier and more active lives, a significant number of retirees become restless months, even years after leaving their adult life jobs. A large number of seniors are looking for activities that permit interaction, use of their skills and expertise, withrepparttar added bonus of some extra cash. A portion ofrepparttar 148639 book proceeds will be donated torepparttar 148640 Arthritis Foundation, an agency increasingrepparttar 148641 awareness of what sometimes can be a very debilitating disease for seniors. For more information contact: SeniorsCanWork P.O. Box 690 Upton, MA 01568


Photo Resolution

Written by Michelle Tremolada

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Want to look like a famous Model? - Touch up your favorite photos and hide all your blemishes (scars, birthmarks and freckles), rub out any moles, cellulite, wrinkles and any other imperfections.

And you can also recolor your holiday photos and make them all look like it was a perfect sunny day with clear blue skies, every day.

For Brilliant photo resolution, every time, click below for your very own copy of Adobe Photoshop CS.

Michelle Tremolada has been a Graphic Design contractor for the last 15 years for many small and large corporations across Australia England and Ireland. Michelle has spent the best part of the last 10 years educating others on how to operate all the popular graphic design software programs at many major training corporations and organisations such as Drake Training, Forrest Training, and University of Sydney, Australia.

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