Words To Avoid Using In Copywriting And Advertising

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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"Technology" - This word is commonly used to suggest innovation and newness. But customers have little concern aboutrepparttar technology that is behindrepparttar 149616 products they buy. They are only concerned aboutrepparttar 149617 benefit they derive from these products and services. How many drivers are really concerned aboutrepparttar 149618 technology that's underrepparttar 149619 hoods ofrepparttar 149620 vehicle they drive? They are really only concerned thatrepparttar 149621 vehicle is reliable and gives them some social status.

"Difference" - Rather than stating that you are different from your competitors staterepparttar 149622 difference instead. Just saying "different" means little and is just filling space. The statement "We make allrepparttar 149623 difference" doesn't leaverepparttar 149624 prospect more educated than before reading your sales message.

Considerrepparttar 149625 following advertiser's blurb:

"We make allrepparttar 149626 difference because of our superior quality and solutions we offer."

It's like junk food - a lot of flavor but zero nutritional value. This statement means little because it's not specific at all. It creates more questions than answers and leavesrepparttar 149627 reader totally confused. And this isrepparttar 149628 last thing you want to do to a customer.

Go to any website and you'll see statements such as "can save you time and money", (well how much?) "creates website in less time" (less than 2, 4, 100 hours?), "maximize your gas mileage" (by how much 1%, 5%, 40%?). All these statements will triple their effectiveness by using numbers (note that I gave a quantity, 'triple').

The more specific your message isrepparttar 149629 more believable you will appear. Using a bunch of superlatives only makes you seem self-serving. Customers are immune to this type of hype and filters out these claims like a squirrel discards peanut shells.

When making any comparison in your sales letter staterepparttar 149630 baseline, use numbers and give a time period whenever possible. In this way you don't have to use superlatives becauserepparttar 149631 numbers will speak for themselves. If you follow this simple rule your sales conversion rate will increase by 4.7% within 29 days of putting this into effect.

Even though that last statement was hypothetical you can sense its power because specific numbers were used instead of just saying 'your sales will increase'.

I think it's time to review your sales message and sweep awayrepparttar 149632 chaff words leavingrepparttar 149633 pure wheat behind.

You'll be 9.9% happier that you did!

Ray Edwards is a master copywriter, published author and Internet Marketing Consultant. His copywriting clients have claimed up to 1,600% increase in their comversion rates just from using his services. He is an expert in writing sales copy for the web. He has studied extensively the relationship between website structure and design as a factor in internet sales success. You may visit his website at: http://www.webcopy-writing.com

Understanding Marketing Tax Deductions

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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G. Costs for Advertisements onrepparttar Internet,

H. Billboards, and

I. Graphic design costs.

Goodwill Marketing For Your Business

Marketing that is intended to portray your business positively can be deducted. Such marketing creates a long-term potential for business and, thus, falls withinrepparttar 149615 ordinary and normal requirements ofrepparttar 149616 tax code. Examples of such marketing include:

A. Sponsoring local youth sports teams,

B. Distributing samples of your business product, and

C. Costs associated with prizes offered by your business in a contest.

As long as your marketing expenses can be reasonably related torepparttar 149617 promotion of your business, you should be deducting said expenses from your gross revenues. If you failed to claim any such expenses on your tax returns, your probably overpaid your taxes.

Richard Chapo is with Business Tax Recovery - Obtaining tax refunds for small businesses for overpaid taxes. Go to our article section to discover tax strategies and deductions.

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