Word Games To Die For - Spelvin

Written by David D. Deprice

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"Do I need to spell it out to you? Spelvin is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C." The dude "The layout was brilliant,repparttar difficulty good, but controllable. One ofrepparttar 136211 BEST word games I have seen to date." Mary Nixon

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The Prehistoric Brotherhood Mining in Lake Superior

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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CHAPTER EIGHT: Pre-Columbian and Post-Christian Americans from Europe.

-In Tucson we have on-going digs of irrigation canals and a civilization from 2000 BC but inrepparttar 1920s another more recent ‘find’ was made. It was byrepparttar 136108 top people inrepparttar 136109 science and handled inrepparttar 136110 appropriate manner but met a cover up to equal what happened at Manitoulin Island. Here is a little about this story from Ancient American. “Translation ofrepparttar 136111 combined Latin text told a surprising story: ‘In Memoriam Romani Actius: In memory of Romans Actius and Theodore, Consuls of great cities. We are carried forward onrepparttar 136112 sea (to) Calalus, {The site of present day Ocala in Florida,repparttar 136113 name was taken fromrepparttar 136114 Latin name of Porto Cale, Portugal. These Jews now meetrepparttar 136115 Toltecs and a man fromrepparttar 136116 city of Rhodes – which was a key enduring fortification ofrepparttar 136117 Keltic Phoenicians pastrepparttar 136118 time of Posidonius who thought highly of them.} an unknown land (and) a people ruling wildly (Indians?). Toltezus (and) Silvanus are won over, Theodorus brings his forces fromrepparttar 136119 city, Rhoda. And more than 700 are captured. No gold. They are (or shall be) banished fromrepparttar 136120 city. -{The metal tablets decipherment continues.}Theodorus, a man ofrepparttar 136121 greatest valor, rules during 14 years. Iacobus rules during (after Theodorus) six years. God helping it (?) is not to be feared. Inrepparttar 136122 name of Israel, Iacobus born again (in)repparttar 136123 city…. Benjamin was king ofrepparttar 136124 people. He came from Seine to Rome,repparttar 136125 bravest ofrepparttar 136126 Gauls…” The Benjaminites are central players inrepparttar 136127 intrigues of New World Order that are throughout history.

CHAPTER NINE: Debunkers andrepparttar 136128 Flat Earth Fiction.

-The web brings merepparttar 136129 words of Theosophist scholars who add an important observation aboutrepparttar 136130 propaganda Rome used to gain ever greater control of this world. Rome as an Empire expanded wheneverrepparttar 136131 people of Rome were dispossessed of booty fromrepparttar 136132 evil wrought by their leaders. “Jewish scholars had already provedrepparttar 136133 similarity betweenrepparttar 136134 Laws of Moses andrepparttar 136135 philosophies of Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras. Christians claimed that Jesus was a unique character, whilerepparttar 136136 entire pagan world knew thatrepparttar 136137 legends surrounding Jesus’ life were identical with those of pagan gods. Students of comparative religion recognized their similarity torepparttar 136138 traditions of great spiritual Teachers who had preceded Jesus.”

CHAPTER TEN: Manitoulin Island and Mooring Stones.

-“The site’s discoverer (Lee) was hounded from his Civil Service position into prolonged unemployment; publication outlets were cut off,repparttar 136139 evidence was misrepresented by several prominent authors amongrepparttar 136140 Brahmins;repparttar 136141 tons of artifacts vanished into storage bins ofrepparttar 136142 National Museum of Canada; for refusing to firerepparttar 136143 discovererrepparttar 136144 Director ofrepparttar 136145 National Museum (Dr. Jacques Rousseau), who had proposed having a monograph onrepparttar 136146 site published, was himself fired and driven into exile; official positions of prestige and power were exercised in an effort to gain control over just six Sheguiandah specimens that had not gone under cover; andrepparttar 136147 site itself has been turned into a tourist resort.” It has actually been built upon by a tourist campsite, just asrepparttar 136148 Kennewick Man site was covered over and pylons and trees sunk upon itrepparttar 136149 day before a congressional Bill was to take effect to protect it. -Professor Emeritus James Scherz ofrepparttar 136150 University of Wisconsin says: “More likely than not, they were but one of numerous peoples from aroundrepparttar 136151 world who were attracted torepparttar 136152 copper riches found inrepparttar 136153 Upper Great Lakes Region of ancient America.”

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Easter Island and New Zealand Kelts Before History.

-From respected scholars in India who have succeeded in decodingrepparttar 136154 Ilavarta language that is similar torepparttar 136155 Rongorongo on Easter Island we have: -“On this point it is worth noting thatrepparttar 136156 account of ancient Indian history found in most textbooks is completely wrong. They makerepparttar 136157 Harappan Civilization pre-Vedic whilerepparttar 136158 latest research shows it to berepparttar 136159 other way. In fact, it belongs torepparttar 136160 closing centuries ofrepparttar 136161 Vedic Age. The idea that India was invaded by ‘Indo-European’ Aryans who destroyedrepparttar 136162 Harappan or Indus Valley Civilization and then composedrepparttar 136163 Vedas has been thoroughly discredited. The language ofrepparttar 136164 Harappans is Vedic Sanskrit and their civilization was Vedic. This was known even beforerepparttar 136165 script was deciphered. There are Vedic symbols all overrepparttar 136166 place at archaeological sites – like Vedic altars,repparttar 136167 Swastika symbol andrepparttar 136168 ‘OM’ sign among others. The ‘Aryan invasion’ andrepparttar 136169 ‘Aryan-Dravidian wars’ were created by European colonial and missionary scholars, to serve their own interests.”

CHAPTER TWELVE: Yonaguni andrepparttar 136170 Kensington Runestone.

-“Dear Mr. Collins: I am a high school world history teacher, Cuban born and Princeton educated. With great interest I have been reading about Atlantis and I am concerned about a great many things from a historical perspective. Please let me share these with you. First, I have no delusions that, as a Cuban I am related to any Atlantean peoples – they were gone long before I arrived onrepparttar 136171 Earth. Second, I have a strong suspicion that when we find Atlantis, where you say it is, our world will never berepparttar 136172 same. Our notions of what is and what was will be changed forever. Our theories about time andrepparttar 136173 existence of civilizations predating Greece and Rome will send shock waves that will reverberate through outrepparttar 136174 known world.”

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