Wooden Garden Furniture

Written by Matthew Anthony

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A particularly versatile piece of wooden garden furniture isrepparttar wooden picnic table. This can be used in a number of gardens or situations such as a landscaped garden or children’s play area. Remember to add children’s wooden furniture, such as table and chairs torepparttar 145315 garden so that your children can enjoyrepparttar 145316 surroundings.

Once you have purchased your wooden furniture you should make sure that you maintain it correctly by applying a protective finish. This will keep it from deteriorating from sun and rain exposure. There are several good alternatives here such as exterior wood stain, acrylic latex paint or water repellent preservative are all good choices.

Given good care and attention your wooden garden furniture will give you a great deal of pleasure for many years.

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How to Grow Sweet Corn

Written by Linda Paquette

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Plant corn in two or more rows for pollination to be successful. Plant kernels in hills of three, spaced about a foot a part with rows three feet apart. Plant kernels from one to 1 ½ inches deep or ¾ inch deep for super sweet types. After germination, preserverepparttar most robust plant in each hill, discarding any other seedlings that have sprouted.

Water rows well after planting, especially inrepparttar 145314 case of super sweet kernels, which need to absorb more water to germinate. Keep plants well watered throughoutrepparttar 145315 growing season. Corn needs moisture in order to form tassels and silk and to develop healthy ears.

Cultivate frequently to control weeds, but shallowly so as not to damage stalks or roots.

Corn is ready to harvest when silk becomes dry atrepparttar 145316 ends, ears feel full, and a thumbnail puncture produces a milky-white substance. The sap from under ripe corn will appear watery. Each stalk should produce one large ear of corn. Many varieties also develop a second, smaller ear. Generally, fromrepparttar 145317 timerepparttar 145318 silk is visible to harvest is about 20 days.

Watch your crop closely afterrepparttar 145319 first silks appear. This isrepparttar 145320 “milk stage” which lasts for only about a week. The best corn is alwaysrepparttar 145321 freshest corn! Grill it, steam it, roast it, microwave it --- enjoy it

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