Women are always looking to save money when they shop

Written by Jacqueline Biles - New York Shopping Mall

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Why add "fillers" to mineral make-up?

Written by Aleta Wells

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You can get a lovely glow that accents YOU. It doesn't just become a mask. These mineral pigments are already in your favorite liquid or powder foundation, just diluted with many un-necessary and many times harmful, additives. These serve no real purpose, other than to increase profits. Because pure mineral powder is not diluted, a little goes a long way. You need much less foundation than usual. The pure mineral powder make-up's need no such additives, they do a wonderful job of covering blemishes and imperfections, while allowing you to "glow-through". Mineral powder cosmetics are fast replacingrepparttar out-dated make-up of yester-year. Belle Saison's mineral powder make-up line, at www.4skinbeauty.com has proven free from harmful food-grade additives and lipids. Belle Saison's make-up contains no talc (a known carcinogen), bismuth oxychloride (an irritant), oils, vitamins, rice powder or corn starch. Checkrepparttar 143784 ingredients on your mineral powder, today. Say "NO" to fillers!

Aleta has been in the health an beauty fields for 25 years.

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