Women and Fishing -- Not Just a Man's Sport

Written by Elizabeth Edwards

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Of course, you can also start at your local library, checking out books on fishing and learning a few basic techniques that way.

Your local fishing outfitter or marina may have more information as well and would also be a good place for information and to network with other fishing women.

Another option is to go online and search for websites catering to women andrepparttar outdoors or, more specifically, women and fishing. One such website is www.ladiesletsgofishing.com.

Founded by Betty Bauman of Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1997, LLGF "promotes networking among women anglers and emphasizes mentorship between novice and experienced members."

Other groups, both national and state, promote fishing for women. There are seminars, fishing adventures and special fishing events scheduled year-round in many areas ofrepparttar 149747 country which are organized especially for women anglers.

Yet another reason fishing is a great hobby for women is because beginning your fishing experiences need not be prohibitively expensive. Especially when compared to other hobbies, start-up costs for spin or bait-casting fishing equipment are not tremendously high. Generally speaking, $200 or less can buy more than enough basic quality fishing gear for a beginner to get started. To start up a fly-fishing hobby will cost a bit more asrepparttar 149748 gear tends to be more expensive.

This, of course, doesn't include a boat! But, many fishing locations can be reached without a boat. Again, do your research to find areas accessible by car.

More women should consider fishing for an enjoyable and challenging hobby. Learningrepparttar 149749 basics of fishing is easy but perfecting those angling skills can take many hours of sometimes peaceful and sometimes extremely exciting time atrepparttar 149750 other end of a line.

Elizabeth Edwards is a free-lance writer with a variety of professional and personal interests. You will find more information about fishing and fishing gear on www.fishing-rod-guide.info.

Lighting Without A Budget For The Indie Film Maker

Written by Fred Ost

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The only "structural" modification I had to make was to removerepparttar metal cage that coversrepparttar 149449 lamps themselves. Which was easily achieved by takingrepparttar 149450 two screws out ofrepparttar 149451 side ofrepparttar 149452 lamp and removingrepparttar 149453 glass pane that coversrepparttar 149454 bulb so I didn't break it. Then I took my handy Leatherman tool which should be on every set and just clippedrepparttar 149455 cage that coversrepparttar 149456 glass onrepparttar 149457 front ofrepparttar 149458 lamp.

Withrepparttar 149459 cage remove you've got a nice even flow of light coming fromrepparttar 149460 lamps. From this point you can mess around with milk crates or whatever you have handy to getrepparttar 149461 height to where you need it.

Then with that achieved you can start using your home made lighting accessories, likerepparttar 149462 big styrofoam square covered with gold foil which will be a topic for a future story when I'm done covering stuff with foil and shower curtains and I have more tips and tricks for sculpting light.

Fred Ost is a web designer, copy writer and aspiring indie movie maker. He is a founder and staff writer of the free independant artits community at http://www.scptv.net

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