With Understanding Comes Success

Written by Jeffrey Rolo

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If you selectedrepparttar second option you might have reacted correctly ifrepparttar 125734 filly was gently asked to respect your space previously and elected to ignorerepparttar 125735 request out of defiance. In such a scenario you would need to reinforce your authority lest she view herself as beingrepparttar 125736 alpha leader amongst you.

But what ifrepparttar 125737 filly stepped against you becauserepparttar 125738 wind was carrying along a plastic bag that startled her? In such a case if you discipline your horse you do her a huge disservice because she's not trying to be defiant or challenge your authority – she's scared and she wanted your reassurance! If you start cuffing your filly for violating your personal space she will be like a deer caught in a car's headlights;repparttar 125739 bag to her left andrepparttar 125740 handler to her right are scaring her and she'll either bolt or become paralyzed.

Had you understoodrepparttar 125741 root of her concern you could have forgivenrepparttar 125742 invasion of your space and instead showed your fillyrepparttar 125743 plastic bag was nothing to be concerned about. Such reassurances would have put her mind at ease, allow her to regain focus onrepparttar 125744 task at hand and hopefully become desensitized towards future encounters with plastic bags.

A trainer that believed inrepparttar 125745 "one size fits all" philosophy would probably have chosen option two inrepparttar 125746 above scenario since at face value that would berepparttar 125747 correct reaction, but without understandingrepparttar 125748 horse orrepparttar 125749 motivation behind her action his "correction" would have further compoundedrepparttar 125750 problem. It is essential a handler takerepparttar 125751 time to understand a horse's behavior before attempting to correct it since one size most definitely does not fit all. And who would better understand your horse than you?

In additionrepparttar 125752 training process does not have to berepparttar 125753 stressful battle of wills that most of us initially believe it to be. Taken slowly, bothrepparttar 125754 horse andrepparttar 125755 owner can actually look forward to advancing alongrepparttar 125756 lesson plan. Asrepparttar 125757 owner and horse work together, each will develop an even better understanding ofrepparttar 125758 other's mannerisms, personality and expectations… and with understanding comes success.

Jeffrey Rolo, owner of AlphaHorse and an experienced horse trainer and breeder, is the author of the above article. You will find many other informational articles dealing with horse training and care as well as games and other horse fun on his website: http://www.alphahorse.com.

Should I Feed My Dog BARF?

Written by Jennifer Bryant

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If you decide thatrepparttar BARF diet is right for your dog please take caution. Dogs that have weakened immune systems will be much more likely to become ill when eating raw meat. Try to find raw meat that is fresh and comes from a source that you can trust. Also small fragments of bone can be swallowed and their sharp ends can piercerepparttar 125733 stomach or intestinal walls. Too much bone may also cause constipation.

This article was written to supply general information aboutrepparttar 125734 BARF diet. The following book can give you additional information to help you make an informed decision about whether to feed your dogrepparttar 125735 BARF diet: THE BARF DIET .

Jennifer Bryant breeds American Pit Bull Terriers and builds websites in her spare time. Bryant’s Red Devils

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