With The Right Support You Can Reach The Stars

Written by Martin Avis

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Some will know more but will modestly hold back.

Some will wear their knowledge and experience like a badge.

Take counsel from all of them and then use your own common-sense to filterrepparttar wheat fromrepparttar 119070 chaff.

But where do you find these people? Where do you go to build your bedrock?

Three examples of place I have personally found particularly useful to gain knowledge:

Newsletter publishing: http://www.ezineuniversity.com/

This amazing site will teach you everything you need to know about setting up and running an e-zine, absolutely free.

General help and advice: http://www.ablake.net/forum/

By farrepparttar 119071 best all-round forum for Internet marketing I have come across. Very active and extremely helpful. I belong to several subscription sites, but Anthony Blake's free discussion group beats them all.

Subscribe to e-zines: If you are reading this, chances are you already do, but search out more. There are thousands around and many of them are excellent.

The key to all of this, however, is not to just joinrepparttar 119072 examples above and take what you need. True success, and vital support comes from interacting fully. Share what knowledge you have. Offer suggestions. Email e-zine publishers with feedback or questions. Make yourself as busy helping other people (in whatever way you can) as possible. I this way, folk will respond to you. Friendships will grow. Other people inrepparttar 119073 same situation as you will be drawn into your circle. Opportunities that may never have seemed possible will begin to come your way.

I have proved this to be true time and again, and have developed some wonderful online friendships that I cherish highly. But if I hadn't been open torepparttar 119074 idea of approaching and offering support to others, I couldn't have expected others to be there for me.

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Where is the Magic?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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That's not happening withrepparttar web. Yes, Aunt Martha is a bit slow to get interested. Schools are bit slow to get connected.

How else do you explainrepparttar 119069 growth in interest fromrepparttar 119070 public, even with record losses suffered by web and technology companies onrepparttar 119071 stock market? Why do companies continue to invest in technology andrepparttar 119072 internet when it looks like a financial black hole?

Because there is something magical going on here.

There can be no explaining why individuals put their lives up onrepparttar 119073 web forrepparttar 119074 world to see, even when their visitor counts are abysmally low. Unless we are all under some sort of magical spell cast byrepparttar 119075 internet faery, there can be no explaining it.

I'll bet you are expecting me to answer my own questions here. Wrong. I think it's a massive mistake to seek understanding of miracles and magic. I'm just going to accept it and I want to be there whenrepparttar 119076 next miracle happens. I'm simply entranced.

Because there is something magical going on here.

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