Wise Ways To Build Your Email List

Written by Ronald Gibson

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This is a clever trick that so many people overlook. Put a response form on every page of your website offering a newsletter or other freebie. This will increaserepparttar number of email addresses you capture exponentially.

Why? When search engines indexrepparttar 139323 pages of your website, a visitor may come directly to a page other than your home page. If you only have a subscriber box on your home page, you`re missingrepparttar 139324 boat, not to mentionrepparttar 139325 thousands of visitors who bypass your homepage.

Wise Way #5 - CONTESTS

Contests very often prove to be a good way to generate traffic and buzz for your business. Create a contest and put a form on your site or in a pop-up box. The entry "fee" is their email address.

You need to be aware that not allrepparttar 139326 people who sign up for your contest are good prospects. Many are just contest "junkies" -- people who are only looking for freebies and have no intention of buying a product or service.

Warning torepparttar 139327 Wise: If your prizes are cash or large-ticket items, you should be sure to check with local agencies to make sure you`re not violating any contest laws.


Most people give their website link when they place soloads, ezine ads, or other marketing messages. To be one step ahead ofrepparttar 139328 game in collecting email addresses, list your autoresponder address instead of your URL. This way you can capture email address and funnel them into your follow-up sales letters.

Wise Way #7 - JUST ASK

If you`re chatting with a prospect onrepparttar 139329 phone or a potential customer stops by your place of business, don`t be shy: ask for an email address or business card (which usually includes their email address).

Okay, you know what you want...you know what you need. It`s time for you to set your traps and capture those email addresses.

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Written by Ann Spencer

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