Wisconsin bans hunting by Internet

Written by Kevin Doberstein

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is also part of a nationwide program named “Openrepparttar Outdoors”. "Openrepparttar 145208 Outdoors" is a nationwide effort to provide disabled individuals with a user-friendly means of accessing recreation opportunities.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is committed to providing greater access and more programs for persons with disabilities. The intent is to make it easier for disabled individuals to hunt, fish and pursue other outdoor activities.

Source: Wisconsin Department of Wisconsin Web Site.

Supporters of this bill include sportsmen who believe hunting is being outdoors and being an actual part ofrepparttar 145209 hunting experience and that usingrepparttar 145210 Internet isn’t hunting at all.

At this time, at lease 14 other states are working on similar legislation for preventing Internet hunting.

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Bush refuses to back down

Written by IndySawmill

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Hey tool, that wasn'trepparttar question.  It isn't up to you to decide what is and what is not enough information.  Not to mention, you have not supplied all ofrepparttar 144624 requested information.  Liar.

Turns out, President Bush may place Bolton as a recess appointment, even though that would severely underminedrepparttar 144625 U.S.'s position inrepparttar 144626 U.N. and further polarizerepparttar 144627 Senate. (Washington Post)  Doesn't matter, it's what Karl, Dick and George want... damn what's good forrepparttar 144628 country.

This unmitigated arrogance that President Bush continues to exhibit, even inrepparttar 144629 light of obviously being wrong, should be a deep concern to every American.

NPR : Bolton Standoff May Lead to Recess Appointment

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