Wireless Network Security

Written by Lawrence Andrews

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Block anonymous Internet requests or pings.

On each computer having wireless network card, network connection properties should be configured to allow connection to Access Point Networks Only. Computer to Computer (peer to peer) Connection should not be allowed.

Enable MAC filtering. Deny association to wireless network for unspecified MAC addresses. Mac or Physical addresses are available through your computer device network connection setup and they are physically written on network cards. When adding new wireless cards / computer torepparttar network, their MAC addresses should be registered withrepparttar 147700 router /access point.

Network router should have firewall features enabled and demilitarized zone (DMZ) feature disabled.

You can test your hardware and personal firewalls using Shields Up test available at http://www.grc.com

All computers should have a properly configured personal firewall in addition to a hardware firewall.

Update router/access point firmware when new versions become available.

Locate router/access point away from strangers so they cannot resetrepparttar 147701 router/access point to default settings.

Locate router/access point inrepparttar 147702 middle ofrepparttar 147703 building rather than near windows to limit signal coverage outsiderepparttar 147704 building.

While none ofrepparttar 147705 measure suggested above provides full protection as counter measures exist, a collection of suggested measures will act as a deterrent against attacker when other insecure networks represent easier targets.

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Darknet's The Black holes Of The Internet

Written by Darren.Miller

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A Darknet, intentionally configured, is a great research and monitoring tool. In many cases, these systems are used as early warning systems. For instance, say a new worm appears and starts probingrepparttar Internet address space for live hosts to infect. Many worms do so in a blind fashion, scanning and probing many areas of address space onrepparttar 147588 Internet. Because Darknetís are relatively quite areas ofrepparttar 147589 Internet, any spike in incoming activity may be considered suspicious. As repparttar 147590 packets of data stream intorepparttar 147591 Darknet, they are collected and can then be analyzed. Becauserepparttar 147592 hostrepparttar 147593 packet originated from never receives a response, it may continue to stream its data intorepparttar 147594 Darknet hoping to finally find a live host. Unfortunately forrepparttar 147595 sending host, it never will.



If you are interested in learning more about Darknetís, maybe even setting one up your self, take a look atrepparttar 147596 work done by Team Cyrmru. They have posted detailed information on how to construct a Darknet and provide statistical information on their Darknet servers and other Internet network monitoring initiatives

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