Winter Season Come: Basic Steps to Winterize Your Bike

Written by Kay Zetkin

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•Afterrepparttar last ride ofrepparttar 135339 season, top off your gas tank. This will prevent water condensation inrepparttar 135340 tank. You can treat your gas with a gasoline stabilizer for your fuel to stay good throughrepparttar 135341 winter. •Your motorcycle’s battery should be checked. This entails cleaningrepparttar 135342 battery terminals and connecting a Battery Tender or similar trickle charger. You can also removerepparttar 135343 battery and store it in a warm, dry place. •Take time to clean and wax your bike. •After cleaning and waxing it thoroughly, dry it up real good and cover it. Find a nice and warm garage that’s safe from cold drafts in which to store your bike. •Ooops! Before leaving your bike alone in its cozy place, check your tires and inflate them torepparttar 135344 proper pressure. •Also, make surerepparttar 135345 garage you found can be locked up real tight andrepparttar 135346 registration and other papers are removed from its case.

There’s no law saying not to drop in on your bike every couple of weeks. This will remind you that oncerepparttar 135347 winter is gone, you and your bike will both be back inrepparttar 135348 road again! -30-

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Is Your Car a Lemon?

Written by Steven Chabotte

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Once your car has passedrepparttar state hurdle to be classified to become a lemon, you must take actions to get restitution. Each state has a different procedure you must follow. Some states requre that you send a letter torepparttar 135192 manufacturer to give them one last chance to repairrepparttar 135193 defect. Other states have arbitration panels you must deal with to get restitution.

No matter what methodrepparttar 135194 state has in place for you to seek restitution, you always haverepparttar 135195 option of working with an attorney if you do not feelrepparttar 135196 issue was solved to your satisfaction. You should consider an attorney as a last resort as not all states allow you to be reimbursed for your legal fees if you win. (And of course if you lose, you would not get reimbursed.) So as frustrating as this situation may be, it is best to persue all state sponsored remedies before seeking legal help.

What happens if you win?

If your vehicle is determined to be a lemon under your state's law, you are entitled to a refund or a comparable replacement vehicle. A comparable vehicle most be indentical or a reasonable equivalent of your current vehicle. A refund will include your purchase price, taxes and any other options installed inrepparttar 135197 vehicle minus a usage fee based on how much you usedrepparttar 135198 car. The terms will very a bit from state to state but this is generally what you can expect.

What happens torepparttar 135199 car afterrepparttar 135200 manufactuer takes it back?

The manufacturer will generally recondition it and put it back for sale within its network. Depending onrepparttar 135201 state whererepparttar 135202 problem occurred,repparttar 135203 title may or may not be stamped with a phrase like "Lemon Law Buyback" when it is returned to that state for resale. However, not all states require this and ifrepparttar 135204 car was transferred from one state to another,repparttar 135205 information may not follow onrepparttar 135206 title issued fromrepparttar 135207 new state.

Used car buyer beware!

While lemon cars are only a very small percentage ofrepparttar 135208 used cars that are sold, this issue with titles not always conveyingrepparttar 135209 true history ofrepparttar 135210 car, it showsrepparttar 135211 importance of doing research on any used car purchase. If you are buying a used car from a dealer, you should insist on a Carfax lemon check report and if you are buying from an individual, you should do one yourself at It is a very reasonable price to pay to be sure your car has no hidden defects.

Steven Chabotte is a freelance writer that writes for Lemon Law Resources and My Attorney Finder

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