Winter Gardening Fun

Written by Ben J. Mann

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“Last month I received 20 new varieties of Daylilies and two cold hardy Hibiscus plants,” said GardenHere founder, Al Stubblefield.  “The only cost to me was postage, which was less than $6 dollars.  That’s hard to beat.”

Here’s what another garden member had to say, “As many of you know, I started up my own eBay business a few months ago. Well, turns out that a GardenHere member, Fern, had made some purchases from me on e-Bay recently. We figured this out when Fern recognized my name and address I sent her in regards to a trade we were setting up.

”She sent me tons and tons of glad bulbs and bulbils, plus some seeds in exchange for my sedum, ginger and seeds from my prize Zinnias I grew this summer.

“What a small world and what an awesome trade. Thanks again, Fern. I hope to trade again soon,” posted by GardenHere Member, Nicole.

GardenHere Member Copperlilac had this to say, “I just finished a trade with Maineroses. I sent her Peonies for Irises and she included a great baby Lupine and seeds as a bonus.

“Thanks forrepparttar great trade Maineroses.”

Finally, GardenHere Member Dee wrote, “I have some baby Gladiolus. I have so many different colors I couldn't tell you what colors they would be. Byrepparttar 113397 way, do you know how to keep them from having too many offspring? I have to throw away hundreds each year because I have no one to give them to.

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"Exchanging Plants and Flowers isrepparttar 113398 Neighborly Thing To Do"

© 2004 - “GardenHere is one of America’s favorite home gardening communities on the Internet, says owner and web designer Al Stubblefield. “It is a popular place to make friends, do garden exchanges, trade home gardening tips, and get plant advice.”

Greenhouse Gardening

Written by Matthew Leo

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Greenhouses come in all shapes, fromrepparttar standard rectangular shape, to round or even conservatories connected torepparttar 113396 house. There is no best size for a greenhouse. The size that fits your space best works fine. Even a small greenhouse can accomodate many plants. Some commercially made greenhouses are extendable with add on sections to add as needed.

The best available material for a greenhouse frame is aluminum. The maintentance is very low, it never deteriorates, and it allowsrepparttar 113397 most light in due to it being thinner than wooden frames.

Make sure you allow for good ventilation. Allow room for at least one work bench. Keep in mind that you will also need storage space inrepparttar 113398 greenhouse for extra pots, hand tools, etc.

Matthew Leo is the publisher of numerous websites, including Organic Gardening, Practical Wine and Cooking Recipes

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