Winning The Customer Through Weakness

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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There is something interesting I realize aboutrepparttar American public. They are willing to forgive you ofrepparttar 143435 most serous blunders whether public or private if you admit to them. But if you are found out while trying to hide these 'imperfections' thenrepparttar 143436 public and media will rip you apart.

The same will happen in your marketing as well. If you admit torepparttar 143437 weaknesses of your products then you WILL make more sales. Let us look at some ways in which you can do this:

A. This one is obvious but you should still say that your product is not for everyone and then define your market. This works to build exclusivity for your product and atrepparttar 143438 same time show that you are not trying to sell torepparttar 143439 entire world.

B. Admit that there may be better products than yours but they are more expensive. You can then show that yours will be a bargain forrepparttar 143440 price.

C. Instead of pretending to be a "guru", state that you are just starting out and that's why you are so reasonable in your fees. (If this isrepparttar 143441 case.)

D. Be honest aboutrepparttar 143442 'average results' that your product brings to your customer. It's customary to show your best results inrepparttar 143443 testimonials you use with that disclaimer tucked in fine print atrepparttar 143444 end: 'these results are not typical'. Sincerepparttar 143445 law requires this why not just be upfront about it.

E. Always under-promise and over-deliver! This will be appreciated by your prospects every time.

There is a period just after placing an order when your customers go through a moment of regret and psychological dissonance. "Was I foolish to make this purchase? Did I pay a fair price? I wonder if this will really work?" (That's why you should always follow up a sale with a note of thanks forrepparttar 143446 purchase. This will help to reassurerepparttar 143447 new customer during this critical period.)

But if you promise more than you could deliver then this period of regret will lead into a request for a refund or even worse-a lost customer for life. Onrepparttar 143448 other hand, if you deliver more than you promised thenrepparttar 143449 customers feel smart about their decision and for 'discovering' you. You'll have a customer for life!

So even if your "fish" is perfect maybe you should sell your customers on them being just 'great' and allowrepparttar 143450 customers to discover that your fish is really perfect.

You'll catch more customers inrepparttar 143451 process and maybe more fish too!

Ray Edwards is a master copywriter, published author and Internet Marketing Consultant. He can bring any dead website to life again by writing engaging hard-working copy for you. You may find more hard-hitting articles and more about his copywriting services by visiting his website at

19 secrets to making your ad copy more effective

Written by Steve Dimeck

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10. Make your sales copy friendly. How do you do that? Don't forget what separates amateur from a professional. You don't have to be perfect, but there's no reason for you to be sloppy either. What kind of a feeling do you get when you see clutter and how do you feel when you see a well organized page?

Provide a lot of white space. A white background with black lettering would be sufficient. Organize your page, align your text and images so when your visitor arrives, he or she feels comfortable and has a good feeling about it.

11. The only job of your sales copy is to sell and not impress. Keeping it as simple as possible will do you more good than trying to impress them with your design. Anything that you include in your sales letter and adds absolutely no value torepparttar sales process, will only distract your visitors and break their concentration. You lostrepparttar 143363 sale.

12. People buy benefits. Your job withrepparttar 143364 ad copy is to tell your visitors what benefits they will get when they buy your product. More benefits, betterrepparttar 143365 chances to makerepparttar 143366 sale. Organizerepparttar 143367 benefits so they're easily noticeable. So, if your visitors decide to just scan your page and not read it, they will at least seerepparttar 143368 benefits and maybe stop to read them.

13. Include a guarantee statement. That will increaserepparttar 143369 integrity. People will trust you more when you tell them that you guarantee your product, and that will deliverrepparttar 143370 benefits - or their money back.

14. Don't mentionrepparttar 143371 price untilrepparttar 143372 last quarter of your letter. And even then, make it sound that it will be their investment and not an expense. Tell them what they're investing in repparttar 143373 benefits - when they purchase your product.

15. Try to include some bonuses withrepparttar 143374 purchase and place them right after you talk aboutrepparttar 143375 price. That way, people will see that they're getting even more value withrepparttar 143376 purchase and it will also distract them fromrepparttar 143377 negative thoughts they may have after seeingrepparttar 143378 price.

16. Include testimonials all throughoutrepparttar 143379 letter. How do you get testimonials before you make a single sale? Simply, give your product for free to a certain number of people and have them tell you how they feel about it. If they have their own website, tell them that you will include their website in your sales letter if they write you a nice testimonial. The testimonials are good for people who cannot make up their mind whether to buy your product or not. When they see what other people are saying, they will have more belief.

17. Make a call for action. This is a "must." Tell them what you want them to do. "Click here to buy" , "Downloadrepparttar 143380 book here" , "Click here to downloadrepparttar 143381 software" , "Click here for an instant download" , and so on.

18. Include a PS atrepparttar 143382 very bottom. Almost everyone readsrepparttar 143383 PS statements. In your one, two, three, or however many PS statements you want to add, make your last call for action by either promising something or telling them that your offer may expire soon. That's your last chance to get them to buy your product. So, be creative with your PS statements.

19. Test everything. Make few versions of your ad copy, put them on a separate page and gatherrepparttar 143384 results from each. Test different headlines, organize it differently, write a few versions ofrepparttar 143385 body of your ad copy, etc. Whichever gives yourepparttar 143386 best results - keep it, and dumprepparttar 143387 others.

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