Windows XP Safe and Secure?

Written by Richard Lowe

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Onrepparttar other hand, UPnP is a special kind of plug-and-play. This looks for printers and other devices added onrepparttar 133571 network (wired and wireless). It's actually a pretty cool idea. Now, when someone adds a printer torepparttar 133572 network you must configure it on each and every workstation. With UPnPrepparttar 133573 configuration is totally automatic.

However, UPnP is very, very new and there is almost no real support for it with any devices. So UPnP is more or less not used, and it is certainly not needed by home computer users. By shipping Windows XP withrepparttar 133574 product Microsoft was solvingrepparttar 133575 classic "which came first,repparttar 133576 chicken orrepparttar 133577 egg" problem. They had to send out support for these devices in order to convince vendors to start providing them.

But Microsoft made one big mistake - when you install Windows XP, this unused service is turned on! What that means is everyone who has ever installed Windows XP is running this service.

Andrepparttar 133578 service has a bug - a huge bug,repparttar 133579 kind of bug that if it hit your windshield would smashrepparttar 133580 car and cause it to explode in flames, killing all ofrepparttar 133581 passengers andrepparttar 133582 driver.

The problem is very bad, and Microsoft has released a patch to fix it. Butrepparttar 133583 story gets even more interesting.

The National Infrastructure Protection Center released an advisory stating that everyone who is not using this service should disable it. This is an incredible statement from this agency. What they are implying isrepparttar 133584 UPnP service problem directly putsrepparttar 133585 United States computer infrastructure at risk (that's what this agency protects)! That's a big thing for them to be saying.

What are they afraid of? That hackers and perhaps hostile governments can userepparttar 133586 bug to their advantage. You see, special programs called Zombies can be installed on Windows XP machines with this problem, and Zombies can be used to launch distributed denial of service attacks on computers throughoutrepparttar 133587 world.

In fact, I'll bet you heard aboutrepparttar 133588 denial of service attack performed byrepparttar 133589 Code Red worm recently againstrepparttar 133590 Whitehouse (the attack failed, if you remember). That's exactly what this agency is afraid of and what they are trying to prevent.

Sorepparttar 133591 next time you are thinking about giving all of your credit card data to a site which uses Microsoft Passport, think about this article. Do you want to trust all of your confidential data to a company which cannot keep it secure? Just think about it, read some more, and makerepparttar 133592 rational decision.

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Product Review: Paint Shop Pro

Written by Richard Lowe

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What I do know is Paint Shop Pro will easily meetrepparttar graphics needs of virtually all webmasters. I've found that it will do everything that I've demanded, every single thing without fail.

I am especially fond of a unique feature (at least I think it's unique) known as tubes. Inrepparttar 133570 words ofrepparttar 133571 vendor (Jasc Software), "The Picture Tube Brush allows you to paint with a variety objects without having to draw them. With a tree and foliage tube, you could paint a forest with just a few brush strokes. You can also create, collect, or share tubes with your friends and colleagues."

For example, there is a tube with a dozen different leaves in different shapes and positions. As you userepparttar 133572 tube,repparttar 133573 leaves get scattered at different angles where you placerepparttar 133574 brush. This way you can draw a really nice looking tree without having to position and draw every leaf yourself.

I would recommend this product without hesitation to any webmaster who needs to create graphics of any kind (including animation, since Paint Shop Pro comes with another product called Animation Shop).

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at - Visit our website any time to read over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.

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