Wind Farms and Corruption

Written by Doctor Edward C Hamlyn MBChB

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Britain as a nation, public and private, is hopelessly in debt, and those debts get bigger and bigger as we borrow more new money to payrepparttar interest. This creates a dire shortage of money. The money to build allrepparttar 110080 wind turbines does not exist and new money will be borrowed into existence to footrepparttar 110081 bill. Those who create vast fortunes for themselves by selling credit as money, will have an irresistible motivation to bribe Mike into twisting logic.

The Press has a proud duty to understand all this and make sure all its readers share that understanding.

The result can then be thatrepparttar 110082 correct and easy way to prevent global warming can be made known. It will not involve corruption.

Dr Hamlyn is a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a veteran of WW II, retired farmer and practicing medical doctor. He is a prolific and articulate voice on the subject of monetary reform.

Affordable Renewable Energy for Everyone

Written by Debra Lynn Dadd

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These certificates are available onrepparttar internet, but not widely known. Green energy certificates are currently being marketed to big businesses that use a lot of energy and can make a big impact with their purchase, but anyone can buy them.

I recently purchased renewable energy certificates to offsetrepparttar 110079 electricty I use in my own home and home office. Though my purchase is only 15 MWh per year for my 1500 square foot house, every little bit helps establishrepparttar 110080 market for renewable energy. It preventsrepparttar 110081 emissions of 20,700 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to planting 1,500 trees or removing 2 cars fromrepparttar 110082 road for one year. I pay only $40 a month (in addition to my regular energy bill) for solar, and other renewables cost even less.

For more information on renewable energy certificates, including a list of websites that offer them, visit

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership has recognized consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd for her purchase of 100% solar renewable energy certificates for her Florida home office. She is the author of Home Safe Home (Tarcher/Penguin), publishes free email newsletters, and has posted links to 1000s of green products at

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