Wind Chimes Soothe The Soul

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Some Ways To Enjoy Your Wind Chime:

Hang it near your hammock and take a soothing nap torepparttar melodic tones of your chime. Plant some flowers while listening torepparttar 143316 music of your wind chime. Bring dinner outside and have a romantic supper while listening to your chime. Set your chimes up in your bedroom window so that you can hear them whenrepparttar 143317 breeze wafts through on a hot summers evening. Put some chimes in your office and to help releaserepparttar 143318 stress ofrepparttar 143319 workday. Hang your wind chime by your door so that you can hear it first thing upon arriving home.

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Limiting Perceptions and Broadening Horizons

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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I've gone on a tangent as I often do in conversations but all things are connected and move in circles so I'll now come back around torepparttar main topic. In Seabright's book he talks about "tunnel vision". Tunnel vision is how people in our world get things done. Individuals don't usually focus onrepparttar 142947 big picture; rather, they find one specific area of expertise to specialize in. When thousands and thousands of people do their small partrepparttar 142948 functions of society as a whole get completed. This isrepparttar 142949 same as all ofrepparttar 142950 cells in our bodies doing their specific tasks to keeprepparttar 142951 whole machine functioning. Seabright discussesrepparttar 142952 positive and negative results of this new style of thinking (people inrepparttar 142953 past were usually more inrepparttar 142954 vein of 'Jack of all trades" having multiple skills in many areas of life). One ofrepparttar 142955 great things about this tunnel vision focus that we use in our everyday life besidesrepparttar 142956 obvious attainment of our social needs, isrepparttar 142957 fact that we now trust strangers more than ever before. We have faith that other people we've never actually met will do their specific job properly, as inrepparttar 142958 case when we put our own physical health inrepparttar 142959 hands of doctors when we got torepparttar 142960 hospital.

The other side ofrepparttar 142961 coin inrepparttar 142962 case of tunnel vision isrepparttar 142963 one I spoke of before. We loserepparttar 142964 larger perspectives on life that logically bring us all together. People start to think that because they are of a certain religion, nationality, or so-called 'race' that they can't connect with others. The irony is that we all are connecting anyway even if it is unbeknownst to many. Seabright uses an excellent example ofrepparttar 142965 shirt you wear on your back. "Sayrepparttar 142966 cotton came from India, grown with seeds bred inrepparttar 142967 U.S.A., artificial fiber from Portugal, collar linings from Brazil, and dyes from half a dozen other countries augmentrepparttar 142968 shirt, which was sewn in Malaysia on German machinery. Thus a simple shirt represents a veritable symphony of economic and industrial forces,repparttar 142969 likes of which no one person possibly could coordinate."

Sorepparttar 142970 answer to our dilemma is relatively simple. We need to implement a new perspective that is more balanced between our necessary tunnel vision that getsrepparttar 142971 job done, and a wider point of view that appreciates bothrepparttar 142972 vastness and minuteness of reality. If we can connect with each other with this more balanced, informed and aware perspective, many ofrepparttar 142973 conflicts and perceived differences between humans could diminish greatly. One might also predict that this new view would also bring about a global advance in consciousness and spirituality as a result of our knowledge ofrepparttar 142974 'oneness' and connectedness of all that exists inrepparttar 142975 Universe. This would also definitely affectrepparttar 142976 ways in which we respect and treatrepparttar 142977 immediate environs around us in terms of nature preservation and treatment of animals and resources.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer believes that humanity, by widening its perception on what it is actually made of and where it comes from, will evolve further as a species. Happiness and sustainability of life for all creatures could become our new creed.

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