Wind Chimes Go Great With Gardening

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Hanging your wind chimes is easy. To hang fromrepparttar top of your porch, you can use a simple C shaped hook that screws intorepparttar 143489 ceiling. Any type hook can be used as long as it is strong enough to support your wind chime. Be sure you hang it in an area where itís freedom of movement is not obstructed by anything. You can also buy fancy hangers that screw in or that stick up fromrepparttar 143490 ground. When hanging your chime, try to pick a place that will not get a strong wind Ė this way you can be sure your chime does not blow off and break.

So,repparttar 143491 next time that you get out intorepparttar 143492 garden, make sure that you hang out some wind chimes so that you can add a new level to your gardening experience!

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A Kids Tree

Written by Jason Canon

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Of course for total climbing pleasure this kid of leisure would usually chooserepparttar fig tree. With its very low entry point fromrepparttar 143343 ground, right away youíre sitting half-way up inrepparttar 143344 middle ofrepparttar 143345 tree. Our fig tree limbs formed a natural cradle allowing me to lay back with arms outstretched and relax just as well as any hammock. Whenrepparttar 143346 figs were in season it was a real treat just to reach out and grab a handful to snack on. Fairly often it became necessary to sharerepparttar 143347 fig tree with passing birds because in choosing between fear of humans andrepparttar 143348 taste of ripe figs they always managed to be courageous.

Parents if you haverepparttar 143349 space to grow trees make sure your kids get to enjoyrepparttar 143350 wonderful pleasures of tree climbing. It will bless them with lifelong memories.

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