Will your network pass a security audit?

Written by Michael Bruck

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Companies must also considerrepparttar value ofrepparttar 132121 audits deliverables/results. Deliverables must not only detail all ofrepparttar 132122 current vulnerabilities, but also prioritize what issues are important, document proven methodologies for remediatingrepparttar 132123 vulnerabilities, and provide cost-effective methods to mitigaterepparttar 132124 risk. The majority of companies cannot afford to maintainrepparttar 132125 staff and application software necessary to conduct an audit at this level. Even those companies that do have such a significant security budget often use an outsourced firm to validate their own efforts.

Some additional benefits of a professional outsourced audit are: recording an objective baseline and changes on a periodic basis, having a trusted security partner to turn to as issues arise, andrepparttar 132126 ability to meet industry requirements for objective third-party auditing. For those companies outsourcing audits as a secondary check, it also assists in justifying security budgets, by validatingrepparttar 132127 current security-related expenditures.

Although it was mentioned that companies are sometimes challenged with prioritizing security matters, based on our own experience there is a trend with technology executives, to place a higher priority on network security. The newfound emphasis applies to both internal and external audits and really comes into play with those companies that have a great reliance onrepparttar 132128 Internet and business continuance.

Finding all of your vulnerabilities is increasingly difficult without a full suite of auditing tools, but remember, findingrepparttar 132129 vulnerabilities is only halfrepparttar 132130 battle. In order for audit deliverables to be truly effective they have to include professional feedback on what issues are important, remediation efforts detailed and prioritized, as well as describe how all ofrepparttar 132131 effort and expense will affectrepparttar 132132 level of risk.

If you feel your systems environment could pass a security audit, but haven ít had one, our experience shows you might be surprised by a failing grade. If you have had an audit andrepparttar 132133 vulnerabilities were exposed, hopefully you have an action plan you are utilizing to eliminaterepparttar 132134 vulnerabilities. Oncerepparttar 132135 action plans are complete, you might consider outsourcing your next audit to validate your efforts.

Michael Bruck is the founding partner of Bruck and Associates, Inc. an 8 year old Information Security consulting firm. Mr. Bruck leads his security team with a successful 16-year background in IT management and senior engineering positions. He can be reached through the website at http://www.bruck-inc.com or by email: info@bruck-inc.com.

Who's watching you?

Written by Dale Sexton

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http://www.zonelabs.com/ http://www.electrocities.com/nukenabber.htm http://www.sygate.com/

I've found a program that will shut web pages down that use cookies and tracking programs. It will log and keep track of sites that want to keep track of you. Said better, you can see who's been watching you. The program is called IDcide. I really likerepparttar play on words. Find this program at:


Do you want to know what software is telling on you? This web site will help you learn this.


Findrepparttar 132120 programs you like, some of these sites may give you other ideas to choose from. Install what you like, then go back torepparttar 132121 first list,repparttar 132122 sites that ripped through your computer. Try them again. What happened? What I hope I did was open some minds torepparttar 132123 possibilities that can and are happening onrepparttar 132124 internet.

It is my belief that businesses want to keep their trade secrets... secret.

Dale Sexton owns and operates 'PageCrafters.net' and publishes 'Small Business Tools magazine'. Both are focused on tools and tips to run your small business or start a business. You can reach him at pagecrafters@pagecrafters.net and sign up for 'SBT magazine' at http://pagecrafters.net/newsletter.html

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