Will further release of studies on Paxil force GlaxoSmithKline to settle?

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One ofrepparttar study's authors believesrepparttar 119282 increase in suicidal tendencies among Paxil users was statically insignificant, though it also did not eliminaterepparttar 119283 possibility of increased risk when using Paxil. The study's data offers more insight torepparttar 119284 controversial debate overrepparttar 119285 link between antidepressants and suicide but fails to resolve any lingering questions. Some family members of people that committed suicide while taking antidepressant drugs have continued to blamerepparttar 119286 medication.

For more information on antidepressant use and the possible link to suicide, please go to http://www.onlinelawyersource.com/paxil/paxil.html

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Do You Own Your Web Site Design?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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A contribution to a collective work, A part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, A translation, A supplementary work, A compilation, An instructional text, A test, Answer material for a test, or An atlas. It is my opinion thatrepparttar design of a web site does not fall into any ofrepparttar 119281 above categories. As a result, you do not ownrepparttar 119282 copyright torepparttar 119283 design and can do nothing aboutrepparttar 119284 fact that a competitor is usingrepparttar 119285 design. Obviously, this is notrepparttar 119286 answer that most site owners want to hear. So, what can you do to protect your business?

When you hire an outside party to design, alter, amend or improve your site, you must have them sign a written contract. The contract must include a clause clearly establishing thatrepparttar 119287 copyright torepparttar 119288 material produced is vested with you, notrepparttar 119289 designer. You should then filerepparttar 119290 contract with your important documents as some designers "forget" that they assignedrepparttar 119291 copyright to you. Presenting a copy ofrepparttar 119292 contract and noting that it allows forrepparttar 119293 recovery of attorney's fees usually solvesrepparttar 119294 problem.

The issue of copyright ownership of a web site or aspect of a site pops up often. Finding your design being used on another domain is bad enough, but it can get worse. If you sell your business,repparttar 119295 attorney forrepparttar 119296 party purchasing your business will always ask aboutrepparttar 119297 copyright ofrepparttar 119298 site as part ofrepparttar 119299 due diligence process. More than a few business deals have fallen apart whenrepparttar 119300 lack of copyright ownership is discovered. Obtaining copyright atrepparttar 119301 outset of your business effort will avoid serious problems inrepparttar 119302 future.

Richard A. Chapo, Esq., is an attorney with www.SanDiegoIncorporate.com and can be contacted at Richard@SanDiegoIncorporate.com. This article is for general education purposes and does not address every facet of the subject matter. Nothing in this article creates an attorney-client relationship.

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