Will You Be Able to Recover from CFS (Corrupted File Syndrome)?

Written by Cavyl Stewart

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Many small businesses depend uponrepparttar Microsoft Access database management system to manage their accounting or their inventory, or their CRM and any number of other business applications which are database dependent. Imagine how you would feel if one day you went to enter in a customerís order and found that everything you needed to process that order Ė your customers, your product and pricing, and even your inventory Ė was all gone! How could you recoup?

Or you go to open Microsoft Word and try to openrepparttar 142686 sales presentation youíve been working tirelessly on, andrepparttar 142687 file canít be read. How much money could you potentially lose by not having that presentation submitted on time, thereby losingrepparttar 142688 opportunity to compete for a lucrative project? A situation such as this could actually put a small business out of business.

And what about those huge, number-crunching spreadsheets youíve put together in MS-Excel? You know,repparttar 142689 ones that contain all of your crucial accounting, sales projection, and other financial data? What would you do if they were lost and you had to recreate them? Could you recreate them?

There is a way your MS-Access, MS-Word and MS-Excel files can recover from CFS, in as little as fifteen minutes. Thatís right. All you need is a prescription for OfficeFIX, a file recovery suite that can fix your damaged MS-Excel files (works on all versions of Excel), your MS-Access files (version 95, 97, 2000, XP, and 2003) and your MS-Word files (works on all versions including Word for Macintosh).

So rest assured knowing that whenrepparttar 142690 dreaded CFS strikes your business, thereís help!

Cavyl Stewart is the author of "135 Hot Tech Tips for Small Business Owners." To Download your free copy, just visit: http://www.find-small-business-software.com/135_tips.php

The History of the Vacuum Cleaner: Perfection has taken a bit of time!

Written by chris vorelli

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Today, however, many of us have become accustomed to using a motorized vacuum cleaner to do all ofrepparttar hard work for us! The motorized vacuum came to us about 1907 and has undergone major improvements and modifications to becomerepparttar 142553 vacuum that we use today!

Now, there are many, many vacuum cleaner manufacturers onrepparttar 142554 market. There are a ton of different vacuum models, sizes, colors and prices associated with a vacuum cleaner. There are many different styles, including: upright, canister, shop, handheld, cordless, bagged, bangles, and even outdoor vacuums! No matter what you needs your vacuum will be required to meet, thereís a vacuum that is perfect for you! Shop online to findrepparttar 142555 largest selection and best prices of vacuum cleaners available!

Chris Vorelli is a successful freelance writer, providing useful articles and information on where to buy the best vacuum cleaners, such as Dyson vacuum cleaners, Rainbow vacuums and Roomba vacuum cleaners. You can also find vacuum cleaner reviews, as well as ratings on vacuum cleaners, through this online buyers guide. www.best-vacuum-cleaners.net

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