Will The Real Spammer Please Stand Up!

Written by Mustafa K.

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In simple words, RSS is a way to publish and receive content electronically. RSS files are XML based and are popularly known as RSS feeds.

What's revolutionary about RSS is, it can help you distribute your content directly to your subscribers, without any spam filters interfering.

To subscribe and read your RSS feeds, all your subscribers need to have is an RSS reader, also known as an aggregator.

What's more, they don't even have to worry about giving out any of their personal details to subscribe to your feed.

And with a screaming bunch of RSS readers available onrepparttar web right now (most of them being free), it wouldn't be very hard to convince your subscribers to get there hands on one.

RSS readers are available in both versions, desktop and web-based, of whichrepparttar 109474 latter seems to berepparttar 109475 most popular.

Once your subscriber adds your RSS feed to their favorite RSS reader, you go 'live' and instantly establish a direct connection with your subscriber.

Whenever you have something new to publish, all you have to do is update your already published RSS feed with your fresh content.

As soon you load your feed with new content, walla! Your feed automatically gets updated everywhere it's subscribed.

No mess, no fuss. Just content that works.

Pretty neat huh?

That'srepparttar 109476 beauty of RSS. No wonder it's currently being employed by web honchos like Yahoo! and MSN to deliver content to their users.

They even allow their members to add any RSS feeds of their choice to their members’ area, making them perfect examples of web-based aggregators.

Syndicating your content can mean a lot to you and your business. By publishing your own RSS feeds, you could eventually end up with more leads, more subscribers and not to forget, more money inrepparttar 109477 bank.

Happy syndicating!

Mustafa K. is the co-founder of http://www.rapidfeeds.com , a free online service that helps anyone deliver targeted content to their subscribers through RSS. Sign Up for your FREE account on his site to put an end to blocked messages and add more subscribers.

The Anti Spam Challenge – Minimizing False Positives

Written by CipherTrust

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Self-Optimization In order to be most effective, anti spam solutions must learn based on a recipient’s preferences. While most of us prefer not to receive emails containingrepparttar term Viagra, some medical organizations might need to receive these emails in order to process patient data. In order to best learn your organizational preferences, anti spam solutions should put filtered emails into a quarantine that allows users to review and make decisions as to whether a particular message is spam. Making this quarantine available torepparttar 105530 end-user lowersrepparttar 105531 administration costs and increasesrepparttar 105532 accuracy ofrepparttar 105533 anti spam system.

Each time a user makes a decision about whether a particular email is or is not spam,repparttar 105534 system becomes more personalized and intelligent about filtering email for that individual inrepparttar 105535 future. Over time, users find that they rarely need to review their quarantines anymore becauserepparttar 105536 system has learned how to identify messages that are important to that user.

Don’t throwrepparttar 105537 baby out withrepparttar 105538 bathwater An effective, accurate anti spam solution aggregates multiple spam detection technologies, combiningrepparttar 105539 benefits of each individual technique to stop spam while minimizing false positives. It also puts suspected spam into a quarantine that is available to end-users, and learns how to better identify spam inrepparttar 105540 future. To learn more about how IronMail can help your enterprise eliminate false positives while maintainingrepparttar 105541 highest spam accuracy rate available, download CipherTrust’s free whitepaper, ““Controlling Spam: The IronMail Way.”

CipherTrust is the leader in anti-spam and email security. Learn more by downloading our free whitepaper, “Controlling Spam: The IronMail Way” or by visiting www.ciphertrust.com.

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