"Will It Be FREE Tomorrow?"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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However, withrepparttar recent demise of so many dot.com players,repparttar 119121 pendulum is attempting to swing inrepparttar 119122 other direction.

This week another major player has announced that their once free service will no longer be free as of August 6th. If you have a list hosted on ListBot, http://www.listbot.com/, you will either need to make new arrangements to get it hosted by someone else or get ready to hand over around $150 per year.

What was once free yesterday may no longer be free tomorrow.

Consideringrepparttar 119123 need to become profitable online,repparttar 119124 trend is understandable. However, these dot.coms that are charging fees must keep in mindrepparttar 119125 free nature ofrepparttar 119126 Internet and not ignorerepparttar 119127 fundamental nature of that concept.

Yahoo, http://www.yahoo.com/, is an excellent example of a dot.com that began to charge fees but not for it's core service of search engine directory use.

Yes, if you want preferential treatment in getting listed on Yahoo you need to hand them almost two hundred dollars forrepparttar 119128 privilege.

And, yes, they are "selling" you something on every web page that comes up withrepparttar 119129 results of your online search.

It paysrepparttar 119130 bills and still allows them to keep their original service free.

A compromise must be reached otherwise those faltering dot.com's and any Johnny come lately will find that in order to keeprepparttar 119131 good will of their customers and potential customers, they must be given an incentive merely to visitrepparttar 119132 web site.

Otherwise they will look elsewhere to still find it free.

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10 Things You Should Know Before You Bid On A Business Product From An Online Auction

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Know ifrepparttar merchant offers a warranty or money back guarantee or before bidding on a product. You don't want to get stuck with a product that does not work or you're not satisfied with.

8. Online auctions will, sometimes, allow you to checkrepparttar 119120 merchants history with their auction. Check to see if people have complained aboutrepparttar 119121 their products or business practices before you decide to bid.

9. It's important to place a bid early inrepparttar 119122 auction to show other bidders you are interested inrepparttar 119123 product. If someone does out bid you, don't be afraid to out bid them. Remember not to go over your maximum bid price.

10. Another reason to know whenrepparttar 119124 auction ends; you can place a last minute bid. The other bidders may not be keeping track of whenrepparttar 119125 auction ends or may not haverepparttar 119126 time to bid again.

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